Los Angeles mom blogger, RELish By Arielle, shares quarantine activities for toddlers

As this very uncertain time continues, I’ve found myself having a harder time than ever creating balance between work and family time. It’s SO difficult for me to actually find a way to shut down work when my office is in literally in my bedroom. Creating separation from the kids during the day when they’re constantly trying to knock down the door to my home “office” is also nearly impossible. And on top of it all, the mom guilt I feel when I have to pick zoom over cuddles in order to stay productive really weighs on me. #Quarantineproblems with kids!. Sharing a few tips with you today that I’m trying my best to follow this year in order to help create a better sense of work life balance. It’s not easy and I’m definitely still a work in progress but hopefully this resonates with other parents who are in a similar boat.


As we rang in 2021, I went full Marie Kondo in our house.  I purged everything that didn’t bring me joy, organized like a crazy lady and even cleared out our overflowing attic. It felt SO liberating!  Throughout the process, I noticed just HOW many beauty products I’ve been stashing away for years for no apparent reason. Prior to this purge, I’d throw these products in a big bag beneath my sink. I’d tell myself that surely I’d need them SOMEDAY. This time around, though, my cleaning style had a method to the madness: if I hadn’t touched a product for a year or more, it was either donated or thrown away–end of story. Hello empty, refreshing space!  Goodbye clutter!


Jumping into our second week back to work after the New Year. After everything that happened last week, for all of our sakes, I’m hoping it will be uneventful! Since Naiya and Sadie are non-stop these days, we’ve been trying our best to take easy day trips into nature every weekend. Throughout the winter months in LA, you can drive less than an hour from our house and end up in the snow.  Just after the holidays, we took our girls to Mount Baldy for the first time and they fell in love with winter weather. They were bundled up like the cutest little snow bunnies and had the best time playing in the snow.


LA mom blogger, RELish By Arielle wears Cozy Earth Bamboo joggers and pullover

What a crazy year last week was! Just over a handful of days into the new year, I’m wrapping myself in all of the cozy items I can find for some extra comfort. From this crazy, seemingly never-ending virus to everything happening in the news right now, it’s A LOT.  Sharing a post featuring one of my favorite loungewear brands I’ve been living in recently, Cozy Earth.  From joggers to tops and even the softest bedding, Cozy Earth pieces are made of the most breathable bamboo material.  Since they’re currently having a 25%-30% off sale, I’m rounding up some of my fave pieces to share with you so you can cozy up too.


“You can’t go back and change the beginning but you can start where you are and change the ending.” This CS Lewis quote is my new mantra for 2021.  Jumping into the new year, I’m feeling hopeful, grateful and inspired. In fact, I’ve been SO excited to be out of the 2020 dumpster fire, I feel like a GIANT weight has melted off my shoulders. Anyone else?! I know that nothing has ACTUALLY changed since December 31st, 2020 but something just FEELS different. Also, 2021 has already been especially crazy thanks to yesterday’s insane news out of D.C. so there’s that. I’m still staying positive because it’s the only way to get through all of this in one piece! Likewise, I’m excited to share our first outfit post of the year with you as well as two resolutions I’m setting out to accomplish this year.