2020 Is The Year Of The Mother. We’ve had to learn how to balance the impossible without being able to safely leave our homes. Many days have felt nearly impossible since mamas never get a day off yet we’ve made it through. I designed this “Mama Strong” sweatshirt for all of the amazing mamas out there to wear as a BADGE OF HONOR this year and always. I’ll be donating 10% of the proceeds to March of Dimes’ ‘Mom and Baby COVID-19 Intervention And Support Fund.’ 


I blinked and we officially have a three year old!  I’m sure I sound like a broken record at this point but I truly can’t believe how quickly time is FLYING by with my girls.  Also, the growth between ages 2 and 3 is truly mind-blowing!  Last year at this time, Naiya was a baby who had just started nursery school and this year, she’s a non-stop talking tiny person (who is home with us all day during this global pandemic but of course, that’s another story!). Sharing photos today from our special, low-key birthday weekend together and a Naiya update below too. It wasn’t the birthday celebration we would have planned but since Naiya was smiling the entire time, it was definitely one for the memory books. 



I usually fill this space with light, family-driven style content. However,  the events we’ve all witnessed over the past week with the murder of George Floyd have moved me to tears.  Amidst a sea of thoughtful, moving, gut-wrenching posts which have flooded social media, I’ve tried drafting a number of blog posts that simply couldn’t do all that is happening right now justice. I’ve come to realize it’s time for me to simply listen and continue to educate myself and my children.


Los Angeles mom blogger, RELish By Arielle, shares quarantine activities for toddlers

Throughout the quarantine so far, I’ve kept a running list of the toys and crafts that have kept Naiya happy and entertained (and me sane!). Most days, I’m literally not sure what I’d do without them. Sharing our top 20 picks out of everything we’ve tried so far. It’s our hope that your toddlers will love them too (and that you’ll get at least five extra minutes of “me” time while they’re busy playing)! All of the product images below are clickable and I’m linking to everything at the bottom of this post too. Hope you’re all safe, healthy and hanging in there!


Los Angeles blogger, RELish By Arielle wears a striped sweater and black vintage jeans from made well

We snapped these photos a few weeks ago when Sadie and I had a date at the beautiful Beverly Hills Hotel. It was a couple of days before I went back to work from maternity leave and I remember feeling so nervous!  At that point, I hadn’t been away from Sadie for more than an hour or two here and there and I was trying to wrap my head around what our new normal might look like. Looking back, it’s crazy that at this point, coronavirus was not yet a household name and that so much has changed in just a few short weeks. Likewise, along with rounding up our outfit details today, I’m sharing some ways our family is protecting ourselves against this scary virus in case this info helps any other anxious mamas out there.