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Hi Everyone! My name is Arielle and I’m a Los Angeles-based, New York-raised dreamer, content creator, fashion illustrator, style-lover and mama to Naiya Lennon and Sadie Amelie. I should have known that the girl who loved doodling in notebooks, scrapbooking to a fault and running a handmade greeting card company out of my parents basement would fall in love with #girlbossing and blogging someday.

RELish By Arielle Watercolors

The RELish Backstory:

RELish was born out of my love for fashion illustration in 2012.  I had been drawing and painting for years for fun but every time I’d finish a drawing, I’d put it in a big pile in my closet.

I asked a friend to help me to create an online shop where I could try selling my watercolor paintings.  I called the shop RELish because that was my nickname as a kid. From there, I continued painting away and my love for this side-hustle took off.

Since my online shop came complete with a “blog” tab, I soon started experimenting with expanding my brand. I posted my favorite outfits of the day, lifestyle hacks, travel advice, fitspo and everything in between. I had no idea what I was doing but I was hooked. 

Meeting My Hubby:

RELish continued to grow with me as I started adulting hard (it happens to the best of us!).

I met my husband, Phil when I auditioned for his Los Angeles-based rock and hip-hop band. As a lover of all things pop and musical theater, this band was completely out of my comfort zone but I went for it because I loved the music (not to mention, Phil, the lead singer was pretty cute).

We initially became close friends. Then, Phil started inviting me to “band” meetings…at restaurants. I’d show up to find him sitting there without any “meeting” materials at all.  Also…the rest of the band wouldn’t be there…so there was that.

At first, I’d have my friends text me to get out of these “meetings” early but eventually, I fell for Phil, we started dating, we later got engaged and married (more here and here). 

Los Angeles mom blogger, RELish By Arielle, celebrates with her daughter in matching robes for a girl's day

Becoming A Mama

In August of 2017, I gave birth to our daughter with all the rolls and “kissy” faces for days, Naiya Lennon (more here and here).

It was a crazy pregnancy and first few months of parenthood full of no sleeping, nursing issues and G.I. craziness but of course we immediately fell in love with Naiya and truly can’t imagine life without her.

Los Angeles mom and style blogger, RELish By Arielle, wears white booties by marc fisher and madewell jeans

RELish Today

Today, I say it as it is—especially when it comes to motherhood. As a full-time working mom who also had her second baby, Sadie Amelie in October of 2019, motherhood has already been a wild ride.  I share the good, the bad and the adorable—all with a style P.O.V.  

My mission? To share fashion inspo, authentic stories about motherhood and to connect with other multi-passionate women in hopes that we can lift each other up and together, find our village.

Millennial moms, moms-to-be and #girlbosses: I’d love to hear from you! Drop me a line or DM me anytime. Together, we’ve got this.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

XO, Arielle

Los Angeles fashion blogger wears a tulle skirt from Chicwish