I’m in the midst of organizing my closet after our BIG move into a new home. While most of my clothes are unfortunately covered in smoke (more here), seeing my ENTIRE wardrobe together in a new space has reminded me just how few “real” clothes I’ve worn since the Pandemic started.

Throughout the past year, I’ve been living in comfy, basic outfits and A LOT of biker shorts. Even though the world is starting to open up, I don’t think my love for biker shorts-based outfits will change. Today, I’m rounding up some of my faves and accessories I’ve been pairing with them with to dress them up (all clickable above).Los Angeles blogger, RELish By Arielle shares yoga poses to destress during quarantineAt the top of the Pandemic, I stuck with simple black biker shorts and sports bra combos (sharing photos from the top of the Pandemic below! Sadie was SO tiny!). I LOVE these and still wear them on repeat. Soon, I graduated to other neutral sets like this one in mauve (currently 50% off!) or this one in nude. I love that these are seamless and their high waist is flattering. More recently, I’ve also expanded my biker short collection to bright colors like this pink set here and here.

I’m an avid runner (more here and here) so naturally, biker shorts are not only fashionable–they’re also especially functional. To take your biker shorts looks from workout to comfy chic, it’s all about the accessories. Try layering your biker shorts and sports bra combo with an oversized white button down or denim jacket (I recently wore this vintage-inspired oversized one here!). To nail the look, keep your button-down or jacket open and flowy.

From there, layer on some minimal gold jewelry like this chain bracelet here, this ear cuff and these hoop earrings. Finish off your look with white shoes like this pair of sneakers here or here or these sandals and 90’s-inspired rectangular-shaped sunnies here ($16!) or here. Los Angeles mommy blogger, RELIish By Arielle, wears All Yoga biker shorts

Photography: Azusa Takano