Our family has officially fallen in love with JetKids by Stokke–a brand that makes traveling fun, easier (and chic!) for your minis. I first came across JetKid’s colorful ride-on suitcases, soft merino wool blankets and spacious travel backpacks on IG. The products were SO memorable and functional, I knew our girls HAD to have them too. After all, traveling with our kids as much as possible is part of our family’s DNA (more here and here). Sharing my favorite JetKids products with you today, breaking down how they work, and sharing some photos of Naiya and Sadie obsessing over them. At this point, we literally can’t imagine traveling without JetKid’s line so I’m excited to share our review. Scroll down to the bottom of this post for a 25% off discount code!LA Mom and Style Blogger, RELish By Arielle reviews Jetset Kids' Suitcase and Travel Products

JetKids Products We Can’t Get Enough Of

JetKid’s complete travel “bundle” comes with a Bedbox, Crew Backpack, and Merino Wool Blanket. While each of these products work beautifully on their own, we happen to LOVE using all of them together because they help to enhance one another’s features.

The BedBox:

The Bedbox is a parent’s travel dream for their little ones (over two-years-old). It truly does ALL the things. It allows you to turn your kid’s travel seats on public transportation into a “bed” where they can put their feet up rest. This suitcase is the world’s only ride-on, carry-on, sleep-on suitcase for kids and it’s pretty incredible.

Setting up the “bed” function is super easy! The suitcase’s extendable lid lengthens your child’s seat to create a larger “bed-like” surface ideal for sleeping. This is an actual GAME CHANGER on planes! The suitcase has a two-piece mattress within it that creates a comfy space on the seat for your child. It’s also universal and fits most standard economy seats on aircrafts. We also love that a seat belt can be used whether lying down or sitting upright so it’s built for safety and comfort.

The Bedbox comes in a number of different colors that we love–Full Moon (White), Blue Sky, Lunar Eclipse (Black), Green Aurora and Pink Lemonade (pictured below). The outside of the suitcase is incredibly durable and it even comes with adorable stickers your kids can personalize it with.

Naiya’s FAVORITE part of the Bedbox is that it has wheels underneath and a comfy seat on top so she can ride on it. She can use her feet to scoot herself around OR I can attach a long strap to pull the suitcase with her safely seated on top.  This longe strap can also sling easily over your shoulders so you can help to comfortably and easily carry the Bedbox for your child.

LA Mom and Style Blogger, RELish By Arielle reviews Jetset Kids' Suitcase and Travel Products

The Crew Backpack:

Both of my girls can’t get enough of this adorable backpack (which comes in a number of different colors)!I love it because it truly helps make traveling  with toddlers fun and easy (or at least EASIER!)!  The straps are light and super comfy and I love that they clip comfortably over your child’s chest for extra support.

This bag is also two sizes in one! Having a bag on-hand that expands as quickly as this one does is EVERYTHING. You simply unzip the zipper at the bottom of the backpack and the whole bag “grows” to accommodate more space! Naiya tends to buy A LOT of fun items in gift shops whenever we travel (she’s definitely my daughter!). Naturally, we love that it expands the PERFECT amount. The backpack fits comfortably on toddlers and bigger kids and it’s great for school too! LA mom blogger, RELish By Arielle's kids try JetKids travel Bedbox and Bundle

The Merino Blanket 

The Merino Blanket is made from 100% Australian merino wool. It is SO soft and comfy. It fits PERFECTLY in the Crew Backpack and/or Bedbox and both Naiya and Sadie LOVE using it for nap-time. It’s really IS the perfect travel companion for little kids. It’s lightweight and rolls up SO easily.

Topping off this post with some more photos of Naiya and Sadie living in all the JetKids products on a recent staycation we took in LA. We’re dreaming of our next adventure out of the country as soon as it’s safe enough to explore the world again. If you’re gearing up for some travel and want to add some JetKids products to your world, remember to use the code ARIELLE25 at checkout for 25% off your order!

Where’s the first place you want to go as soon as we find our new normal again? Tell us all the things in the comment section below and as always, thanks so much for stopping by! LA Mom and Style Blogger, RELish By Arielle reviews Jetset Kids' Suitcase and Travel Products LA Mom and Style Blogger, RELish By Arielle reviews Jetset Kids' Suitcase and Travel Products

Photography: Azusa Takano