There’s ALL this talk recently about skinny jeans vs. wide-leg jeans.  Apparently, Gen Z says skinny jeans are OUT!  While I’m not throwing out my skinny jeans anytime soon, I’m totally here for comfier, more relaxed-fitting jeans.  After all, they’re BASICALLY sweatpants–but cuter.  Rounding up some of my favorite Gen Z-inspired jeans (clickable below) which I have my eye on right now. These jeans have a cool-girl vibe but they’re still mom-appropriate. Topping off today’s post with some photos we snapped in the Arizona desert a couple of weeks ago when I was wearing my current fave pair of relaxed-fitting denim. Linking to outfit details below too.

Relaxed Denim I’m Loving Right Now

This pair of Gen Z-inspired denim has the perfect light wash with room to spare. I love the fact that they cinch at the waist but the legs have such a cute, flowy feel. If you’re looking for a slightly tighter fit, this pair is perfect. They’re high-waisted and flow without being too baggy.

I’m a big fan of wearing white denim all year round (even though I can never keep it clean thanks to Naiya and Sadie!). These white jeans from Free People are a great option if you want a refresh! They’re perfect for spring and the cut is so flattering.

For a classic, solid pair of everyday denim, I’m loving these high-waisted straight-leg jeans! This pair of jeans is specifically designed with a special control-top that helps to comfortably suck you in in all the best ways.

Are you team skinny jeans or team relaxed fit? Are you somewhere in between?LA style blogger, RELish By Arielle shares her fave relaxed denim trends for 2021

Photography: Bailey Brown