LA mom and style blogger, RELish By Arielle shares gifts new moms really want

When most -people think about gifts to buy new mamas, they usually gravitate towards generous gifts for her new baby. While these are ALWAYS appreciated, I’ve learned it’s also important to brainstorm gifts for new mamas to enjoy during the postpartum period and beyond. After having Naiya, a friend gifted me the most beautiful “Naiya” necklace and to this day, I literally never take it off.  It was one of the most thoughtful, special gifts and it left such a lasting impact. So today, I’m rounding up gifts for new mamas (clickable below) to enjoy in case you’re racking your brain for what to buy them.

Gifts Ideas For New Mamas

If you’re looking for a nameplate necklace, these necklaces are some of my favorites: Classic and Spaced.

I included a couple of blankets in my must-haves list too because all new mommas could use one. Give new moms all the snuggly, comfy things! They’ll be forever grateful–especially during all-night cluster feeds! This blanket from Pottery Barn is especially super soft and cozy. I highly recommend it!

And speaking of cozy, every new mama also needs a good pair of slippers to wear inside. These Ugg fluffy slippers from Amazon are a current favorite right now. I recently linked to a bunch of other fuzzy slipper options I’m LOVING here.

Since nursing is an exhausting, 24/7 job (especially during the first three months IF mamas are able to nurse!), these probiotic cookies are an amazing gift. They help support the immune system, milk production, and they taste delish so you really can’t go wrong! This milkmaid tea is also very helpful for milk production and it helps new mamas wind down at the end of seemingly everlasting, sleepless days.

Los Angeles mom blogger, RELish By Arielle wears name necklaces by OneNecklaces