Since I recently had two babies in just over two years, my hair has gone through A LOT of changes. While I have naturally big, curly hair, postpartum hair loss for me was and continues to be a VERY real thing. Sharing a few products I’ve been using this year (clickable above) to help my hair grow back healthier, thicker and stronger than ever. This post is not sponsored. I happen to have found products that are truly working for me so I wanted to share.

Haircare Products That Are Worth The Hype

I’ve seen ads for Prose haircare on Instagram for months now. I noticed that some of my favorite influencers were swearing by it. I started looking into it myself and loved that you start off by taking a custom hair quiz. The quiz takes into account where you live because there are certain pollutants in the air that can affect the health and look of your hair. It asks what your problem areas are–is your scalp dry? Are your ends dry? What do you want to improve?

From there, Prose sends you a guide to a custom haircare line specifically mixed for YOUR hair. I was so intrigued, I figured it couldn’t hurt to give it a try. I loved that the products are literally personalized for any specific hair type. They also evolve with you and your hair over time.

I’ve incorporated the entire line into my haircare routine and I LOVE it. From the shampoo and conditioner to the scalp mask and hair oil. My favorite product, though is the curl defining cream. It’s literally magic for curly hair. It smells like essential oils in the most relaxing way and it leaves my curls frizz-free, soft and bouncy. It’s also dries completely crunch-free which is always a major plus for curly girls! These products have literally transformed my hair. It feels SO much healthier, it’s starting to feel thicker and I absolutely LOVE it.

My Hair Routine Continued

After I shower, I also use Vegamour “grow oil.” It’s a natural hair serum that helps your hair grow thicker in about three months. I’ve noticed new baby hairs from this stuff–especially underneath my hair–where a lot of my postpartum hair loss occurred.

This, coupled with using this amazing scalp massager in the shower, breakage-free hair ties, silk pillowcases, and a Dyson hair dryer,  have been game changers for me. I am also a fan of Ouidad climate control products for curly hair and silk scrunchies to prevent extra damage.

I’ll share a hair update with you a few months down the road to showcase progress before and after. What are your favorite hair products right now that REALLY work? Tell me all the things in the comment section below!

Photography: Azusa Takano

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