Starting off this post with a friendly disclaimer: I’m not pregnant again. Instead, since I know so many of my readers ARE pregnant or are HOPING to get pregnant soon, I’m excited to share some of my favorite maternity dresses with you from when I WAS pregnant. It feels like years ago and just yesterday all at the same time! Rounding up some of my favorite maternity dresses ever below as well as photos of me wearing similar looks. Including some photos of tiny Naiya too before she officially became a big sister. I blinked and now she’s basically a teenager so these photos to me are EVERYTHING. I can only imagine how special they’ll be when Naiya becomes an ACTUAL teenager and beyond.

Maternity Dresses To Live In NOW

Flattering maternity clothes can be SO hard to find. I remember being so frustrated while I was pregnant–especially with Naiya–because I felt like I couldn’t nail any TRULY flattering looks. At first, I didn’t love accentuating the bump or wearing form-fitting clothing. My body felt SO foreign to me and I couldn’t figure out how to embrace it in the moment. It also didn’t help that I had 24-hour morning sickness with both pregnancies (more about that here and here) which made me feel even worse (but that’s a whole other story!).

When I was pregnant with both girls, dresses quickly ended up being my HOLY GRAIL. They were SO easy to throw on, well-ventilated (I constantly felt like I was literally baking in an oven–anyone else?!), and they also weren’t constricting. I especially loved dresses that could stretch and expand with my growing belly. By the time I had Sadie, I learned to embrace more form-fitting maternity dresses and I felt SO much more comfortable in my skin. Rounding up some of my favorite maternity dresses below (all clickable) that made me feel beautiful–many of which I truly lived in.

If you’re looking for a basic style dress this one and this one are probably my favorite and the colors are perfect for spring! This dress is simple and stunning too but has a shoulder tie detail that I love. If longer dresses are more your thing, this one is an absolute favorite of mine.

If you are more of a long and flowy kind of girl, this sage one is to die for, but if you want to be bolder, I love this red one.

My all-time favorite is this one. It is super feminine and cute but also very flattering and easy to dress up or down!

Topping off this post with some unpublished photos from my third trimester with Sadie. Overall, I fell in love with bohemian, flowy dresses, swing dresses smock dresses and everything in between. I also ended up LOVING tighter maternity dresses like the one here. That said, it took me a long time to get there (but I ended up LIVING in them). Sneaking in some photos below of tiny almost two-year-old Naiya too. I miss this phase SO MUCH but I’m so excited that Sadie will be here soon!Los Angeles mom blogger, RELish By Arielle wears her favorite maternity brand, Fillyboo

Photography: Azusa Takano