As we rang in 2021, I went full Marie Kondo in our house.  I purged everything that didn’t bring me joy, organized like a crazy lady and even cleared out our overflowing attic. It felt SO liberating!  Throughout the process, I noticed just HOW many beauty products I’ve been stashing away for years for no apparent reason. Prior to this purge, I’d throw these products in a big bag beneath my sink. I’d tell myself that surely I’d need them SOMEDAY. This time around, though, my cleaning style had a method to the madness: if I hadn’t touched a product for a year or more, it was either donated or thrown away–end of story. Hello empty, refreshing space!  Goodbye clutter! Now, I’m on a quest to REALLY use the brands I decided to keep.  I’ve also started investing in new clean beauty brands that really resonate with me. Rounding up some of my faves in both of these categories for you today. After all, this year, we already need some extra TLC in the comfort of our own homes!

Olive & June

With COVID numbers continuing to spike across the world and especially in LA, I’ve been searching for at-home pedicure kits that REALLY work.  Olive & June has my favorite option I’ve found so far.  The kit comes in a box full of tools (pictured below) that doubles as a foot rest.  I love all of the pedi products it comes with too–especially because they’re user-friendly! From foot-serum to nail clippers and the cutest nail polish colors, this kit has it all. I especially love Olive & June nail polish remover because it’s so gentle, acetone free but works SO fast.Los Angeles Blogger, RELish By Arielle tries Olive and June

Dose & Co: Khloe Kardashian

I’m on a mission this year to glow from the inside out.  From drinking all the green juice to stepping up my collagen routine, I’m going all in.

Naturally, Khloe Kardashian’s Dose & Co vegan collagen powder is right up my alley–especially because it comes in all different yummy flavors.  Dose & Co. is a line of premium collagen and protein blends made with high-quality ingredients to support hair, skin, nail, joint, ligament and gut health.

This brand is actually worth the hype. I’ve been using the flavorless collagen powder for the past couple of months in my morning coffee or smoothies. While I only see a subtle difference in the look and feel of my skin, I can FEEL it working.  The dairy-free collagen vanilla creamer is also especially yummy in hot drinks. The chocolate flavor is amazing in hot chocolate and smoothies and I love that it also has protein in it! This one is not vegan like the rest (it contains milk) but it’s also so yummy!

Good Molecules

If you’re looking for an affordable skincare line that actually works, look no further than Good Molecules. I started using this brand over the holidays and my sensitive skin is loving it. I especially love the brand’s mission: “the world has enough products that don’t work and cost too much.” Amen to that. The ingredients in this line are all backed by science. They’re safe and clean for both your skin and the planet. I’m especially loving the silicone-free priming gel and cleansing gel and brightening toner. The cleansing gel is actually goals in a bottle.  My skin feels so clean after each use but it’s nice and gentle.  My skin doesn’t feel too dry afterwards, which I love.

Los Angeles Blogger, RELish By Arielle tries Olive and June


I recently shared how much I am loving this brand here and my obsession has continued. Jouer is an affordable clean beauty line. I’ve been obsessing over this their lip enhancer gloss. This stuff is hydrating, long-lasting and AMAZING. Every time you use it, it helps to plump your lips in a healthy way over time. Loving these on-the-go sanitizing wipes, beauty kits too.

Los Angeles Blogger, RELish tries Follain and Jolene Beauty


My sensitive skin has fallen in love with Follain.  It’s another clean beauty line I can’t get enough of right now. Sharing a photos below of a number of products I use on a daily basis. From toning midst that smells like yummy rose water to gentle moisturizer, you can’t go wrong. This ultra hydrating mask makes my face feel like Sadie’s baby skin which is a dream.

In the below photos, the only makeup I have on is eye liner, mascara and light lip gloss. I have absolutely no makeup on my skin itself so you can get a good idea for how my natural skin looks like using Follain.

Photography: Azusa Takano