2020 may be one of the craziest years ever but the holidays don’t have to FEEL canceled! Naiya and I masked up and took our first mother/daughter date out this past weekend in MONTHS to celebrate making it to the end of 2020. Thanks to ALL the work zooms, I’ve BARELY left the house this year. Needless to say, this adventure felt like a safe mini vacation in the best way! Sharing photos from our (socially distanced) girls day out to the Westfield Century City mall.  Rounding up all of the fun holiday things we did there and ideas for safe holiday festivities for you and your fam.

Westfield Century City Holiday Festivities
One thing we’ve been especially excited about to celebrate the holidays this year is drive-through light displays. The Westfield Century City mall is offering an AMAZING holiday lights display called “The Happy Place” drive through from the comfort and safety of YOUR OWN CAR. Naiya was in heaven and can’t wait to go back! The lights are built in the parking garage so you sit in your car and drive through. It’s really beautifully-done and we felt so festive!

There’s also an outdoor socially-distanced Holiday Market at the mall featuring a curated mix of amazing gifts from emerging brands. There are sanitation stations everywhere. There are even arrows for shoppers to follow in order to stay socially distant. Security is even on location to keep this enforced. Naiya saw Santa for the first time (that she could actually remember) waving from her from above a huge holiday “train station” which reminded me of Hogwarts. The experience is entirely outdoors so the fresh air made me feel comfortable and Naiya was SO happy!

On the way out, we ordered takeout ice cream for Naiya which literally MADE HER YEAR because we used to go every weekend on “ice cream dates” before 2020. What a decade this year had been–am I right?! This was also perfect for Naiya because she was eating something frozen in her Frozen princess dress–which has become her ONLY outfit of choice over here!

A big congrats to everyone on making it through to December! What a feat! How are you celebrating the holidays safely this year? Tell us all the things! In case you’re a Los Angelino looking for other safe holiday lights displays to drive through, linking to this article with all the things here. Enjoy!

Photography: Azusa Takano