I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I’m truly not sure how it’s already December but here we are! As we’re all experiencing this second big wave of COVID-19 and many of our cities are locking down again, virtual learning continues to be our go-to. Amidst a sea of SO many virtual classes to choose from for our little ones, I’m so happy our family found Hello Sawyer.  Today, I’m  sharing more intel about why we’re so obsessed and we’re letting you in on a special sale the company is offering right now for a limited time before the holidays.

Los Angeles mom blogger tries Sawyer Virtual classes for kids

Our Experience With Hello Sawyer:

In this social distancing new normal, Sadie and Naiya need to be entertained CONSTANTLY. It blows my mind out much energy they have and it’s so hard to keep up during the work day. For this reason and more, I’m so thankful we found virtual classes from Hello Sawyer. They offer a WIDE range of activities from all different partners–from best-selling authors to Broadway performers.

As we’re all trying to navigate this challenging year with our little ones, Hello Sawyer helps take activity planning off of our plates safely. It helps to keep your little one mentally and physically active—offering a large selection of classes and camps.

Activities range from arts and academics, to sports and science. Naiya loves dressing up in a doctor costume for science classes–too funny. We’re especially loving “Musical Mornings” and “Magic Dance Toddler Creative Movement” classes. I love that Hello Sawyer has classes for all ages and it’s so easy to sign up!

Head on over to Hello Sawyer because they’re offering 20% off for the holidays right now! There are free classes available so you and your kids can try them out first to see if they’re the right fit. If you do end up trying out Hello Sawyer, I’m so interested to know what you think! Please tell me all about your experience in the comment section below!

If you’ve tried out any other virtual classes for your little one, I’d love to know that too! We can take all the extra entertainment we can get over here!

Sawyer virtual classes Los Angeles mom blogger tries Sawyer Virtual classes for kids

Photography: Azusa Takano