Give Naiya, Sadie and I ALL the fruits and veggies but make them clean! Until recently, I never focused on the fact that SO many harmful chemicals live on the skin of produce even AFTER they’ve been washed in water. Excited to partner with Vege Aqua today to share an all-natural spray that has changed our family’s healthy eating game.  Loving that this company also has an all-natural spray for safely cleaning baby products too–from Sadie’s pacifiers and bottles to toys.

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Vege Aqua: Extra-Clean Produce & Baby Items

I first discovered Vege Aqua a couple of months back. It’s the first ionic, alkaline, water-based series of wash products that removes harmful chemicals safely in seconds. All you have to do is spritz the solution on your produce or items right before washing then and voila–harmful chemicals are gone.

There are two different lines of this non-toxic spray: one that is specifically for produce and another for other items like pacifiers. The product is SO quick and easy to use, we’ve been able to seamlessly incorporate it into our routine. Vege Aqua has especially come in handy during this crazy, uncertain COVID time because I’ve been over washing ALL the things. I’ve been using it to clean my pumping equipment, Sadie’s bottles, pacifiers and both of our girls’ toys.

How do you clean your fruits and veggies? Do you just run them under water or scrub them in something on top of that? Truth be told, I was not “woke” in the produce-washing game. I never knew safe products like this existed but I’m totally here for it.

Photography: Azusa Takano