How is Sadie already one year old? We snapped these photos last weekend on her birthday and truth be told, I ugly cried (happy tears) after them.  It’s been such an emotional year full of such highs and lows but this girl has been the brightest light!  Excited to share these special moments with you today and to celebrate our Sadie angel.

Los Angeles mom blogger, RELish By Arielle shares photos from her daughter, Sadie's first birthday

One Year With Sadie

Since the moment I met Sadie, I knew she was pure magic. I know all mamas are supposed to say this but I literally can’t think of any more truthful words because this girl exudes pure joy. In watching this angel grow into the sweetest little sister and daughter a mama could ever ask for, my heart has melted into mush and I will never be the same. She lights up all of our worlds.

Smooth Birth Into RSV

I’ll forever remember Sadie’s birth as such a healing experience (more about that here). After a traumatic emergency c-section with Naiya (here), I had a VBAC with Sadie. From that moment on, second-time motherhood overall just felt easier to me.

When Sadie was three weeks old, she developed a terrible cough and had trouble breathing. She was emitted into the hospital and was diagnosed with RSV.

I had never heard of RSV but it’s a respiratory illness that can take a turn for the worst without treatment really quickly.

It was an especially challenging experience because I was still healing from labor.  All I wanted to do was give Sadie the world and watching our three week old suffering, barely able to eat, I felt helpless. Sadie fought through and we went home!

From there, she grew and grew and started packing on the lbs. This girl can really eat and she started having the rolls to prove it.

Back To Work

Soon after Sadie recovered from RSV, it was already time for me to go back to work.  I cried my eyes out knowing I’d have to leave her during the day and pump at work instead of nursing her. I was dreading my 1.5 hour commute each way and beat myself up for working so far away.  That said, I had been through this with Naiya and I KNEW we would get through it.

A few months into being back at work, Sadie turned 4.5 months old and COVID hit.  I ended up working from home for the first time in my life and I was able to be home with my babies. As incredibly tough as 2020 has been, this has been the silver lining. Sure, it’s been nearly impossible at times when both kids are screaming for me when I’m on work zoom calls for 10 hours a day–but at least we’re all together.

Recent Milestones With Sadie

Sadie started walking at 9 months old just like Naiya. Watching her chase after Naiya and become her best friend over this past year has been goals for me as a mama.

Since the girls are barely able to see any other kids due to the Pandemic, their bond is undoubtedly extra strong. Also thanks to Naiya, Sadie is talking up a storm. She is saying mama, apple, dada, aqua, doggie, puppy, baby and more.  She has only two teeth so far with one more cutting through but that doesn’t stop her from eating ALL the food. She also has tiny little curls starting in the back. Next year at this time, I predict big curls like Naiya.

To Another Trip Around The Sun

All-in-all, Sadie is the second flash of magic I’ve been lucky enough to experience so far in my lifetime (Naiya paved the way!) and I’m savoring every moment. Wishing Sadie the happiest first birthday and hopefully, for all of our sakes, a much more normal year to come! Here’s to Sadie’s next trip around the sun!

Los Angeles mom blogger, RELish By Arielle shares photos from her daughter, Sadie's first birthday Los Angeles mom blogger, RELish By Arielle shares photos from her daughter, Sadie's first birthday      

Photography: Azusa Takano