A friend of mine introduced me to a children’s clothing brand my girls are now truly living in. Loving these pink gingham dresses so much, we actually have them in two different colors! It’s blowing my mind that Naiya and Sadie are almost wearing the same size, but that’s another story. Today, I’m sharing where to snag these looks as well as some similar looks we’re loving too.

Naiya & Sadie’s Outfits Of The Day

Naiya and Sadie are head over heels obsessed with these pink gingham dresses from Alice & Ames. They are made of the softest, perfectly durable material that has weathered so many stains. over here! I love the deep scoop neck in the back–it’s so classic.

You’ll probably see a lot of these dresses on repeat both here on le blog and on my IG because Naiya is basically only wearing this line or her Elsa princess dress on repeat.  If neither of these options are available I can literally barely get her to get dressed. The “three-nagers” have officially started in our house and I DEFINITELY have a girl boss on my hands who knows what she wants. Now, I have to channel her headstrong vibes into all good things as Naiya gets older.

Los Angeles mom blogger, RELish By Arielle's daughters wear Alice & Ames

Mama Outfit Of The Day

I’ve officially become THAT mom: I just had to match my girls in all-pink everything today. Something about this quarantine–being stuck together all the time–why not dress the same too?! Naiya gets really excited–for now.

I found this matching pink shorts and top set on Botnana for a steal. When it arrived, it looked a bit different than it did in the photos online. That said, it’s really cute and comfy. I especially love the ruffled sleeves and the square neck. Linking to similar looks I’m loving here and here.

Since we don’t really leave the house anymore, I’m ALWAYS wearing flats. If only 20-something all-heels-everything Arielle could see me now!. I found these Chanel espadrilles at a vintage shop a few years back and they’ve been getting a lot of use recently.

Accessory-wise, I’ve been wearing dainty chain necklaces a lot recently, as well as dainty gold stud earrings.

I topped off the look with a hand-made mask and the cutest chain my friend just started making. I love that it keeps my mask around my neck whenever it’s possible to take it off. I don’t know about you but keeping it around my ears constantly has not been the best for my skin. I’ll link to where to score these very soon too.

Los Angeles mom blogger, RELish By Arielle's daughters wear Alice & Ames   Los Angeles mom blogger, RELish By Arielle's daughters wear Alice & Ames

Photography: Azusa Takano