Mamas with babies who are eating solids (or are about to start!), this post is for you. Sadie is obsessing over these Square Baby food puree meals that are delivered right to our door–fresh, delish and ready to go. Today, I’m sharing a review of the brand below as well as  some of our favorite snaps of Sadie and Naiya digging in. Let’s just say this shoot was messy (and wearing white probably wasn’t the best idea).

Quarantine Life Hack: Fresh Baby Food Delivery

When Naiya was Sadie’s age, I was constantly making my own baby food. I’d steam fruits and veggies and puree them at least twice a day. It was something special I knew I could do for Naiya so that she’d have fresh meals all day while I was at work.

Now that I’m working from home throughout this crazy new normal, I’m attached to zoom video calls constantly.  Thankfully, I’m able to nurse Sadie throughout the day and it’s the most amazing gift to be home with my girls.

That said, I’m not able to make as much baby food myself this time around because I feel like I have even less time!

Naturally, when I started trying Square Baby food, it was love at first sight.  Their purees are just as fresh as the food I would make myself but I keep them in the freezer, thaw them out and they’re good to go! Such a time-saver! Better yet, each puree contains all of the ingredients needed for a healthy meal.  I love that I don’t have to worry if Instacart didn’t delivery the fruits and veggies I needed on a particular week.  After all, grocery shopping right now is pretty crazy.

I also love that Square Baby offers meal options to begin introducing the top 8 allergens: peanut, tree nut, soy, milk, fish, shellfish, wheat and eggs. Loving that we can pick and choose which types of allergens we’d like to offer when and then we can watch Sadie like a hawk after.  Thankfully, so far, so good! If you’re interested in trying out Square Baby Meals, head on over to their online store and don’t forget to use the code RELISH20 for a discount at checkout!

For mamas looking to try out a few different baby food delivery services, I did try a couple of others in between all of my homemade purees with Naiya. Sharing a couple of other reviews here and here. Los Angeles Blogger, RELish By Arielle, wears a white tee from Abercrombie Los Angeles Blogger, RELish By Arielle, wears a white tee from Abercrombie

What Are Your Baby Food Hacks?

Do you make your own baby food? Does your baby eat pureed versions of what you eat? Do you order your own food too? Tell us all the things in the comment section below! As always, thanks so much for stopping by!

Photography: Azusa Takano