It’s hard to believe Sadie is already over six months old (and at least 21 pounds)! The rolls on top of rolls on our little marshmallow are the cutest EVER. I’m loving this stage so much–especially since it’s my second time around and I know how fleeting it is. Sharing a mom and baby update with you today as well as some of our favorite unpublished photos of our family from when Sadie was just five days old. We snapped these shots two days after I came home from the hospital. It’s a wonder I was able to get out of bed because I remember being in so much pain but I’m so happy we have these to look back at. It’s hard to believe so much time has already passed!

6 Month Mom & Baby Update

In looking back at these photos, it’s hard to believe Sadie was ever this tiny! It’s also so crazy to see how much Naiya has grown since August. She looked so much more like a baby here and now she really looks like a big girl (and she’s talking up a storm!).

Sadie is officially 6.5 months old and Naiya will be turning three in 3.5 months.  Since we’ve been stuck in quarantine for two months now, it’s been a total time warp for us all. I find myself trying to hyper-focus on all of the positive things during this incredibly scary, uncertain time in order to get through.

For instance, I keep thinking about how grateful I am that we get so much extra family time together in the comfort of our own home! I’m also loving that I have the opportunity to nurse Sadie as I work from home rather than having to pump at the office.

Baby On The Move

On Sadie’s six month birthday (April 25th), she sat up unassisted for the first time. Around this date, she also hit the stage where she’s constantly rolling around–especially when we try to change her diaper.  Her chill, newborn baby days are long behind her and I’m convinced she’ll be crawling by next week.

She loves cooing and playing with Naiya’s toys. Her favorite toys of the moment are teethers, crinkly soft books and lovies.  Her teeth have yet to come in but I have a feeling they’ll break through in the next couple of weeks. She’s eating solids once a day right now but she hasn’t quite figured out how to use her tongue to swallow it all properly.

She’s constantly the happiest baby I’ve ever seen. I’ve rarely seen her without a giant smile splashed across her face. My wish for Sadie is that she finds a way to always be this happy.  She exudes the most positive, angelic energy and as cliche as it may sound, I believe she truly is a gift sent directly from heaven.

Sister Sister

Sadie is obsessed with her big sister, Naiya. Watching the little relationship between Sadie and Naiya grow over the past few months has been pure magic.

Sadie smiles at Naiya constantly and has truly started to interact with her. They’re starting to play with toys together (even though Naiya is often reminding Sadie that they were all “her” toys FIRST). Naiya went from not knowing what to do with Sadie to wanting to be with her (almost )all the time.

I guess being quarantined together will do that to you but then again, I really do think these sisters would have had a special bond anyway. I can’t wait to see what these partners in crime team up to do together in the future.

Photography: Forrest Leo