And just like that, Sadie is 7-months old. Thanks to the quarantine and social distancing, I’ve blinked and here we are–more than halfway to one year with our sweet marshmallow.  Sharing the latest and greatest on the Sadie front along with some Naiya highlights with you today.

7 Months In With Baby #2

This past month, we’ve seen the most growth in Sadie yet and it all seems to be happening too quickly for this mama!

For starters, Sadie seems to have doubled in size overnight.  She’s wearing size 9-12 month clothing already and when I hold Sadie in one arm and Naiya in the other, I can tell they’re basically the same weight.

Over the past couple of weeks, Sadie started crawling and pulling herself up to both a sitting and standing position. As of a couple of days ago, she also has her first couple of teeth coming in. Her first tooth just broke through yesterday so she’s officially teething away.


Sleep Training: Better Late Than Never

This week, we started sleep training Sadie in her crib. She’s been sleeping in our room a lot longer than Naiya ever did and as hard as it was for me, it was time to start getting her into a real routine.

I know a lot of mamas feel very passionate one way or the other about sleep training and I respect whatever works best for their families. After all, whatever helps you and your family sleep is best!

I personally had a great experience with sleep training Naiya so I knew I wanted to do the same with Sadie eventually.

What Were We Waiting For?

Naiya has been having trouble sleeping through the night for a few moments now. She’s been so much better recently but we also just transitioned her to a “big girl” bed so I wanted to see how that would play out.  My biggest fear has been the girls waking each other up screaming.  Eventually, I’d love for them to share a room so hopefully, we’ll get through this period of time in one piece and we’ll find our new normal (and sleep) soon.

The good news is this month, Sadie and Naiya became closer than ever and watching them interact with one another has been pure magic. Granted, they haven’t been able to hang out with anyone else due to COVID-19 but the silver lining has been that they’re now full-out besties.   Los Angeles mommy blogger, RELish By Arielle, wears Chicwish wide leg jeans Los Angeles mommy blogger, RELish By Arielle, wears Chicwish wide leg jeans  

Photography: Azusa Takano