Our new social distancing normal has already taught me so much. I’ve learned how much the outside world feeds my inner soul and creativity. I’ve further discovered how important it is to truly savor time with my babies because their happiness and well-being are my life’s purpose. I’ve also come to understand the level to which travel and culture are important to me. Over the past five weeks or so, I’ve found myself hungrier than ever to get out and see the world again. In the meantime, I’ve found solace in rounding up some unpublished travel shots with you. We snapped these in Kyoto, Japan last year when I was four months prego with Sadie on our baby moon. Including some travel tips from our trip as well as links to one of my favorite outfits for traveling while prego below. I hope you enjoy!

Where To Find The Best Bento Boxes in Japan

We were lucky enough to travel to Japan with a friend of ours whose family was born there. She not only knew the language and could help to steer us in the right direction, she also knew where to score the best food.

Out of all of the amazing meals she helped us to pin-point, I’ll never forget the bento boxes pictured here. They basically deserved their own post. We scooped them up at the Tokyo train station where we were about to hop onto a bullet train en route to Kyoto.  I’ve been dreaming of these bento boxes (also known as “ekiben”) all quarantine long because they were fresh, delicious and there were so many to choose from.

Most prego women stay far away from sushi. Thankfully, my O.B. was supportive of me trying at least a bit of sushi in Japan so that I could get the full experience.  She said as long as I didn’t over-do it and that I was careful to only eat from reputable spots, I would be okay.  After all, Japanese women have been eating sushi for generations and their babies have turned out perfectly healthy!

I was still very careful throughout our trip  but truth be told, when it came to these bento boxes, I did splurge just a little. Mine were mainly vegetarian with the exception of Roe (the orange fish eggs below).

Kyoto Imperial Palace

Kyoto is chalk-full of rich history and the most picturesque, colorful palaces.  In contrast to the modern, bustling city of Tokyo, Kyoto felt more like what I was picturing in my head whenever I dreamed of visiting Japan. Both cities are amazing and they have so many different things to offer but Kyoto was my personal favorite.

Sharing photos from the Kyoto Imperial Palace with you today–one of our favorite places in Kyoto because it was so epic.

This is the  former ruling palace of the Emperor of Japan and it’s pretty spectacular. The architecture is majestic and the grounds are so serene. I loved the pops of bright red and the lush green zen garden surrounding it.

I so enjoy looking back at these photos–both for the memories and because I remember thinking my bump was so big back then. Little did I know how much more it would pop in the coming months.

OOTD Kyoto

Whenever I’m traveling, I like to pack basics that can easily fit into a carry-on (Phil and I didn’t check luggage for this trip!).  I love to mix and match these basics and from there, I believe it’s important to always bring layers.

On this particular day, I wore the comfiest boyfriend jeans. Linking to some similar pairs of maternity jeans for all of you prego mamas.

From there, I added a striped button-down from Madewell that is perfect all pregnancy long since it’s so roomy.

I layered on a leather moto when it got a bit chilly–a staple I believe every woman should have in her closet. I topped off the look with my favorite white cat eye sunnies.

The best part about this outfit is that it’s so basic, it’s also just as great for lounging around the house.  After all, I know that’s where we are all at these days. So you can enjoy this look now while Netflixing and chilling and you can pack it in your suitcase whenever we’re free to see the world again.

Where Are You Dreaming Of Traveling Next?

After we’re out of this COVID-19 period of time (fingers crossed very soon!), where are you dreaming of going next? Are you going to feel a bit more scared to travel or will you be ready to roll? Tell me all the things in the comment section below and thanks so much, as always, for stopping by!

Photography: Azusa Takano