Chunky baby alert! This is probably the first post I’ve ever written that doesn’t feature photos of an outfit. But since Sadie’s arms and legs are literal dinner rolls, I had to share her deliciousness! Topping off today’s post with some actual style takeaway for you too: our favorite baby girl outfits we’re currently accessorizing these rolls with.

Baby Girl Outfits That Show Off All The Chunk

We snapped these photos a few weeks back when Sadie was just under three months old. I was about to head back to work after maternity leave and I wanted to savor every moment we had together in our family bubble. By this point, her rolls had just started to take over and I was constantly documenting the evidence. So happy I did because these photos kill me!

Truth be told, Sadie has already acquired over a month’s worth of new rolls since these shots were taken. I love dressing her in outfits that show them off.  After all, our four month old is wearing up to 9 month onesies right now! In case you missed her four month update, sharing more here. I wish these rolls could stay like this forever but as a second time mama, I know how fleeting they are.

So, without further ado, we’re currently accessorizing these rolls in the following outfits you should know about. They’re comfy, breathable and affordable.

Including a few looks for spring (like this one here, here and here) since the weather has been so beautiful here in LA. Also linking to some of our favorite sweaters and sweatshirts (like this one here, here and here) for those of you who live in colder cities. Here goes:

Los Angeles mom, RELish By Arielle, shares her favorite baby girl looks that show off all the rolls in the best wayLos Angeles mom blogger, RELish By Arielle's daughter, SadiePhotography: Azusa Takano