I never thought I’d be “that” mom who bought matching outfits for her daughters AND herself. Growing up, my mom used to dress my sister and I in matching outfits but it was the 90’s, we were seven years apart and I remember feeling so not cute and pretty mortified. But truth be told, 12 weeks into becoming a mama of two, I’ve officially become my mother! I’m finding the whole matching family outfit thing to be kind of addicting and fun! Who am I?! 

Finally catching up on some outfit posts I meant to share before the holidays but better late than never. Naiya, Sadie and I had so much fun teaming up with The Children’s Place to share some fun looks for the whole family this holiday season. From pajamas to dresses and everything in between, The Children’s Place is a one-stop shop for matching family looks. We’re especially loving how affordable it is too! Sharing some of our favorite looks with you today as well as links to others we’re eyeing for 2020 too.

Matching Looks We’re Loving

While I’m sharing a bunch of matching family holiday looks, Children’s Place has some really cute pajamas and dresses  we’re eyeing for 2020 too. Don’t the holidays already feel like forever ago? Time is flying and I can’t keep up! Sharing some of our favorite mother-daughter looks below.

Los Angeles mom blogger, RELish By Arielle, wears holiday pajamas with her kids from Children's Place

To Match Or Not?

Do you dress your kids up in matching outfits like I do? Do you think they’ll be embarrassed as we were someday when they look back at photos? Tell me all the things in the comment section below! Photography: Azusa Takano