When it comes to accessories, I’m a shoe girl all the way.  I don’t often splurge on them but when I do, I love doing some digging first to make sure they are TRULY worth the cost. If I’m going to spend the money, I ALWAYS want to make sure that they’ll last for years to come.  I’ve had my eye on Golden Goose sneakers for a few years now because they’re so versatile and incredibly comfortable. That said, I didn’t pull the trigger on buying them because they came with such a high price tag. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this particular brand of shoe, it’s made in Italy by hand.  No two pairs are exactly the same.

This year, on Black Friday, I decided to finally bite the bullet and set out to find a pair at the most affordable price possible. I ended up scoring a pair of these beauties on BIG TIME sale and I had the chance to add them to my closet. Excited to share how I scored them, how I’m styling them and a review for anyone else in the market for Golden Goose shoes too. Scroll down to the bottom of this post too for some of my favorite Golden Goose lookalikes for under $30! If the Golden Goose price tag is just too high, you can totally find the look for less.

Scoring Discounted Golden Goose Sneakers

On Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I decided to start Golden Goose hunting away. Since I’d had these sneakers on my wish list for SUCH a long time, I was on a mission to find them at the best discount possible–especially since they come with a $400-$600+ price tag at full price! I love how they look with athletic wear, jeans, dresses, skirts and everything in between. They’re also amazing for travel because they are lightweight and seamlessly go with everything. They have that “cool girl,” worn-in feel without trying too hard.

Golden Goose Retailers: Where To Look

My favorite sites to scour for Golden Goose sneakers include Ssense, Italist, FarFetch and Shopbop–mainly because of their amazing selection and sales. I also set an alert on a number of different sites like ShopStyle so that any new deals on these shoes would come through directly to my email and I’d know about them right away.

I ended up finding the white, gray and leopard laced Golden Goose sneakers I’m wearing in this post on Ssense. This site happened to have a number of great deals throughout Cyber weekend and prices were down by over 30%! They apparently have sales like this throughout the year, so continue to keep an eye out!

The only issue is that if you see a pair of Golden Goose shoes on their site in your size, you have to think pretty quickly because they go really fast. I actually missed out on three pairs of sneakers because by the time I found my size and made it to online checkout, they were already gone.


Neutral Vs. Loud

I love that the pair of Golden Goose sneakers I scored is so neutral aside from their leopard laces (I also bought gray laces to swap in and out!). Golden Goose shoes tend to be either loud and colorful or neutral and more classic. The style I bought is called “superstar” and thy are essentially low tops with a star on one side of each shoe. Since their price tag is SO high and I knew I’d only be buying ONE pair for the foreseeable future, I went with neutral.  I also happen to love the sparkly star options like these.

Linking to some of my favorites of both types below because I’d love them all and a girl can dream!

Are Golden Goose Sneakers REALLY Worth The Price Tag?

The “Distressed” Look

When my sneakers finally came in the mail, I couldn’t wait to open them and try them on. When I took them out of the box, I loved that they smelled like rich Italian leather. I also noticed that they were painted with scuffs! My hubby pointed out how “weird” it was that they came looking pre-distressed. There are some styles guys just don’t “get” and this could definitely be one of them! I personally don’t mind the scuffs because it makes me less nervous to wear my sneakers and get them dirty despite their price tag. That said, I do understand that the distressed factor may not be for everyone!

Sizing & Comfortability

Golden Goose sneakers only come in full European sizes–there are no half sizes.  I’m usually a size 7.5 or 37.5 in shoes so I ordered my Golden Goose sneakers in a size 38. I had read that it would be best to size up if I was in between sizes and this ended up being the case.  I actually ordered a pair of the same shoes in size 37 just in case while the sale was happening but I ended up returning them because they were definitely too small.

My size 38’s initially felt stiff when I put them on right out of the box. I was worried they may not be as comfy as I had hoped but I’d heard that they would break in pretty quickly. Here’s a trick that worked for me: I warmed up the insides of the sneakers with a blow dryer and put my bare feet inside them while the leather was still warm. From there, I walked around the house until they cooled down. This ended up  totally doing the trick!

My shoes have been molding to my feet ever since and they’re proving to be the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned! I also love that the insole is so thick in the back that it gives your legs a slight “heel” effect where it elongates your leg. I have found that the insoles tend to wear in a lot but this doesn’t bother me.

Overall, the shoes are actually so comfy and made so well, I really DO think they’re worth it. I especially love wearing them without socks because the arch support feels amazing. This has also helped the shoes truly conform to my feet.

How I’m Styling Golden Goose Sneakers

These sneakers are proving to be so comfy, they’re especially perfect for travel. I just wore them on the plane on a flight from NY to LA with my two kids under 2.5 in tow and they were so comfy the entire time! I also love that they can pair with anything and everything–from skirts and jeans to workout wear. Sharing a few outfits below they look especially great with.

I love tying them creatively too. I’ve played around with tying them in knots on each side so that I can slip my foot inside and out without having to tie a bow. I’ve also tried tucking the sides of the laces into the top of the shoes.

Golden Goose Looks For Less

If the price tag on Golden Goose shoes feels like a NO-GO for you but you LOVE the look, there are a bunch of great dupes out there for so much less. Linking to some of my faves below–one of which is only $22. This pair is only $14. This pair actually looks almost like the real thing but they cost only $30!

What Accessories Do You Splurge On?

Have you ever tried Golden Goose sneakers on? Would you ever even entertain such a high price tag on sneakers or do you think it’s absolutely crazy? What do you tend to splurge on in terms accessories?

Tell me all of the things in the comment section below. As always, thank you so much for stopping by!

XO, Arielle

Photography: Azusa Takano