I planned on sharing our maternity photos before Sadie was born but since the past weeks have been such a blur, excited to finally share now! Better late than never! Naiya, Phil and myself had so much fun snapping these a few weeks back while we dreamed about what our family of four would be like. Throughout the shoot, I remember feeling like I was about to pop and wondered how much longer Sadie could possibly stay in my belly.  She was clearly running out of room in there and I couldn’t wait for her to come out! Looking back at these photos now, though, dare I say I actually already miss the bump?!  I had such a tough pregnancy where I was very sick and threw up every day and yet I still look back at this time missing it! Am I crazy?

Polka Dots & The Bump

Naiya didn’t sleep a wink the night before we shot these photos. We were dealing with her two year sleep regression and were in the thick of it.  Unlike our first maternity photoshoot here where I’d pre-planned my outfits for weeks before, the morning of this shoot, I had two minutes to run into my closet to pick something out that I hoped would fit! Pregnancy is such a different story when you’re balancing another kid (or kids!). #Secondtimemamaproblems.

This dress is actually just a button-down overlay that looks really cute over dresses and jeans. I wore it pre-pregnancy and hoped it would stretch enough for the photos!

Maternity Outfit Inspo

For mamas and mamas-to-be in the midst of planning their maternity shoots and/or in need of some comfy dresses to fit over the bump, I’ve pulled links to some of my favorite maternity dresses of the moment below.

My first pregnancy, I loved wearing flowy dresses that didn’t accentuate the bump as much but this pregnancy, my bump was so large and in charge, I had a lot more fun showing it off. Sharing both types of dresses below:


Did You Do A Maternity Shoot?

Did you capture maternity photos before your babies were born? How did your first shoot differ from shoots after? Did you accentuate your bump or feel self-conscious? Tell me all the things!

Photography: Forrest Leo