I’m just over 7-months prego but I’ve officially surpassed the size I was when Naiya was born. It’s hard to believe I have over two months to go! Either I’m carrying a ten pounder in here or my body has decided to pop to the max for baby #2. Getting dressed these days feels like a total body workout–let alone putting on any makeup. To save myself the hassle of wearing makeup (especially in this crazy summer heat!), I’ve turned to some natural skincare products that have helped me to feel confident going bare-faced. Sharing one of my favorites today, how I’ve been using it and where you can snag it. Scroll down for a special discount code that you can use at checkout too! 

Tula Skincare Nighttime Routine

I started using Tula Skincare products a few weeks back. I was on the hunt for a brand that was  clean and safe for pregnancy that wouldn’t make my sensitive skin breakout.  I’m one of those people who finds a brand I love and I stick with it for years because my skin is just that sensitive.  I had heard such amazing things about Tula, I decided to give this brand a shot.

Just a few days into trying Tula, I instantly fell in love. Every night before bed, I started off with using the purifying face cleaner. It’s really gentle and makes my skin feel so clean and silky smooth.  From there, I used the hydrating day & night cream which keeps my skin moisturized all night even in the dry summer heat here in Los Angeles.

Tula Skincare Morning Routine

In the morning, I use Tula’s purifying face cleaner again, as well as the exfoliating sugar scrub on the rest of my body in the shower.  After showering, I apply hydrating day and night cream and dab Tula’s “glow and get it” cooling and brightening eye serum under my eyes.  This is my favorite product because it helps keep my under-eyes bright. If you want to try one Tula product for starters, I’d suggest this one! It was a total gateway for me!

From there, I use Tula’s illuminating face serum which helps my skin tone to stay even without makeup. I love that it targets the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation. It’s super light-weight and I found it to truly lock in moisture all day.

If you’d like to give Tula a try, head over to their online shop and use the code RELISHBYARIELLE at checkout for 20% off your order! Enjoy!

Favorite Clean Skincare Products

What are some of your favorite clean skincare products? Have you ever tried Tula skincare products? Did you switch up your skincare routine during pregnancy like I have? I’d love to hear more in the comment section below. Thanks so much for stopping by! 

Photography: Azusa Takano