Los Angeles blogger, RELish By Arielle shares how she's detoxing and cleansing in 2019

Powering up for the rest of the week by cuddling my O.G. fluff baby, Winston and sipping some delicious tea before the day gets too crazy. Let’s face it: this pup needed some extra attention on le blog because Naiya has definitely been stealing his spotlight since she’s been born!  Dog mama’s: once you had babies, did you feel tons of guilt about not being able to cuddle with your pup as much? If so, I’m right there with you! Today, I’m sharing a couple of ways I’ve been detoxing over the past couple of weeks.  I was feeling like I was dragging after the holidays so part of my new year’s resolution was to try a couple of detoxes I’ve never tried before. From the most amazing juice cleanse to a detox tea you need to know about, I’m rounding up all the things for you below. Los Angeles blogger, RELish By Arielle tries a 14-day detox with FitTea from Amazon

1) The FitTea Detox

I’ve been experimenting with natural tea detoxes recently.  I’ve always been a tea fan but ever since I stopped drinking caffeine (it was giving me too much anxiety), I’ve been upping my tea intake in order to compensate.

I first came across FitTea on Amazon and the reviews all sounded great. Of course I Amazon Primed it and from there, I started a 14-day detox that I’ve continued to stick to.

I made myself a cup of FitTea every morning and I really started to fall in love with it.  At first, it gave me a boost of energy that almost felt like a shot of coffee but as I continued drinking it, my body got more used to it.  I love the taste–it’s almost like a light green tea. I love drinking it after my morning run on the way to work and I’ve noticed it’s been helping me with digestion.

Los Angeles blogger, RELish By Arielle tries the FitTea detox

2) Live Beaming Juice Cleanse

I’ve tried a few different juice cleanses in the past (Juice Served Here, Little West and Pressed Juicery–all of which I loved for different reasons) but this past week, I went all in with Live Beaming for the first time.

Live Beaming is an organic online superfood cafe that delivers anywhere in the country. I chose to cleanse for three days this time around but if you want to do a shorter cleanse, you can also go for 24 or 48 hours too.

What I love about this juice cleanse compared to other cleanses I’ve done in the past is that it comes with small, clean meals.  There’s a tiny snack, salad for dinner (so delicious!) and a fresh soup for lunch that can be served hot or cold.

The three day cleanse I did included 5 juices, one vitality shot, one salad, herbal tea and a tiny energy ball snack per day.

Compared to cleanses without any snacks at all, this cleanse felt so much better because there was more variety to it.

In the end, I felt like I had so much more energy and my stomach felt amazing. I truly can’t recommend it enough and can honestly say, I would do this cleanse at least once a month if I could.Los Angeles blogger, RELish By Arielle tries the Live Beaming juice cleanse for three days and loves it

Cleansing and Detoxing

Have you changed your eating habits in 2019? Have you ever tried a tea detox or juice cleanse? If so, which ones were your favorites? Did you feel extra hungry or did you find it easy to make it through? I know that’s a lot of questions in a row but I’d love for you to tell me all the things below! Looking forward to learning more!   

Photography: Forrest Leo

  1. These sound like great ways to detox! I’m currently doing an elimination diet to find the root of a health problem. I’m currently on dairy and will be doing gluten next!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

    1. I’m basically doing the same! I hope you feel better, lady! I’ve found these cleanses are helping!

  2. These look like a great way to detox. I need to try as well.

    1. I’ve really been loving it! Let me know if you give it a try! Would love to know what you think!

  3. I’m such a fan of the juice cleanses! Super easy and make me feel so refreshed! Detoxing is the best!
    Victoria ~

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