Growing up in upstate New York, I always looked forward to fall because I loved pulling out all the layers and textures to celebrate the change of season. Living in Los Angeles where temperatures barely drop below 70 degrees this time of year, we have to get more creative with our “fall” looks so that we’re not constantly sweating profusely. Sharing a fall outfit I’ve been wearing on repeat recently and how to use texture to style it regardless of the temps outside.

Los Angeles blogger, RELish By Arielle, wears a Zara tweed shirt

Outfit Of The Day:

If you live in a warmer climate this time of year, the easiest way to revamp your summer wardrobe for fall is by adding in beautiful tweed and other heavier textures to your wardrobe. It’s such an easy refresh but it works so well.

The trick is to find pieces made out of material that looks heavier and/or comes in a darker fall hue but that does not add too much bulk or extra warmth.

Likewise, I recently scooped up this multi-colored tweed top from Zara with fringe and embellishments. I love that it has short sleeves so that I don’t roast out here and I love the layering situation underneath it. The pleated white shirt below it adds a nice contrast to the look.

Since I believe this shirt sold out quickly, I’m linking to some similar tops below as well as other pieces to top off your look.

Layering Up For Colder Temps

If you live in an environment that experiences “real” fall–chillier temps, beautiful autumn foliage (P.S. I’m so jealous!), etc., I’m linking to some practical extra layering pieces to pair with this look.

I would suggest keeping your outer layer on the classic and simple side since this shirt is a great focal piece.

Also, you can add close-toed mules or booties instead of the open-toe mules I’m wearing today. Sharing some options below.

Photography: Azusa Takano