At almost 8-months old, Naiya has two teeth that have completely grown in on the bottom. Her smile is now the cutest thing ever (but then again we know we’re completely biased!). Since she’s continuing to teethe away (more Naiya updates here), we’re always on a quest for toys that will keep her as comfortable as possible.  Rounding up three of our favorite must-have teething toys today in case you’re in the market for some too. In our house, we can never have too many!

ashtonbee teething toystop teething toys for baby

Fruit-Shaped Teethers:

These fruit teethers pictured today are by a company called Ashton Bee that makes some really wonderful baby products.

They can be found on Amazon which is especially helpful because I’m Amazon Prime-obsessed. I love that they can arrive within a day with just one click. The last thing I have time for right now is shopping so Amazon is always calling my name!

The best part? From April 19 to May 3, you can receive 20% off of your purchase of any Ashton Bee products by using the code ARIELLE20 at checkout.

I’ve been putting these teethers in the freezer to make them cold for Naiya’s gums and she can’t get enough.

These teethers (and the others I’m sharing with you today below) are made only with FDA-approved materials and quality food-grade plastic that is 100% BPA, BPS, PVC, Lead, and Phthalates-free to ensure your baby will not be contaminated by any harmful chemical or toxins.  As a new mom, this is uber-important to me.

Grab And Shake Feeders

We’re also loving these grab and shake feeders. These are special feeders we’ve been putting fruit into for Naiya so that she can teeth away while also tasting fresh fruit juice.

These feeders are amazing because you can add soft fruits and veggies inside like strawberries, bananas, raspberries (or any mixture of fruits you want) and the seeds will stay put in the teether while your baby eats away safely.

You can put them in the refrigerator or freezer and make them extra cold for your baby’s gums. Naiya loves when we do this!

Banana Teether Brush

Naiya can’t get enough of this banana teether and it’s quickly become one of her favorites!

There’s a gum massager on the end which supposedly helps to stimulate the gums.

The banana teethers also have delicate textures that provide safe tactile learning for your baby.

The design is nice and solid so there are no small parts to bite off.  This, of course, helps ease our minds about any potential choking hazards.

Photography: Azusa Takano