Now that I’m a mom, getting ready in the morning has become a much bigger challenge.  I used to get up slowly, leisurely pick out my outfit of the day, go on a long run and shower.  Those were the days…and those days are long gone.  The more mobile Naiya is getting, the less time I have to pick out outfits and the less time I have to make myself look presentable (let alone shower!). Thankfully, over the past few weeks, I think I’ve found the secret to getting dressed quickly: curating a “capsule collection.”  Hello, game changer!

How To Curate A “Capsule Collection”

I’ve been loving the idea of curating a “capsule collection” in my closet for a couple of years now.

A “capsule collection” is a means of pairing your wardrobe down to the basics. These basics can consist of a few essential items of clothing that won’t go out of style–such as basic skirts, pants, simple tees and dresses. 

The idea is that all of these pieces can then be paired with seasonal pieces (like jackets, sweaters, etc.) and that they can be styled all year long so you don’t have to own too many clothes (but the outfit possibilities are endless)

I don’t always have the easiest time sticking to this simplicity (I definitely have a bunch of non-basic outliers in my wardrobe) but now that I’m a mom, trying to curate a capsule collection has been especially helpful.

Less Is More

When it comes to a capsule collection, less really does equal more.  This has been great for Naiya’s wardrobe as well. I’ve done the same pairing down with her basic onesies, leggings, hats and socks and it’s been so much easier to get her dressed.

That said, in order to keep both of our capsule collections a bit more interesting, I often add one piece to each outfit that isn’t so basic. Today, for instance, with my outfit today, I added sparkly classic heels because–why not?

I also love wearing today’s look with my favorite loafers that are still my staple go-to shoe for work (more about that here). These shoes are the perfect fit for my capsule collection. While they are on the pricier side, I truly wear them almost every day. I love that they go with everything and will never go out of style. I love investing in well-made pieces that I will really wear.

how to create a capsule collection

Today’s Look:

Today I’m wearing this pink tie front button-down that I can’t get enough of.  Quite honestly, on a quest for new  basics, I went a bit Madewell crazy a few weeks ago.

I ended up scooping up a bunch of shirts like this–in plain white, stripes and a few different colors.  I realized that these basics would go with everything and that they’d look perfectly polished without too much extra work for work.

How To Wear Basics Without Looking Too Basic:

Try buying basics in fun spring colors this season.  It’s great to have neutral options like whites, tans, grays or blacks but there’s also something so fun about a pop of color.

When it comes to denim, you can also go slightly trendy as I did today. These “mom jeans” have been my favorites recently. I love their high waist, cropped flared cut and the fact that they are not stretchy. Jeans with a high-rise like this can help to update any look. I love that they have a vintage vibe.

In case you missed it, I recently shared an article about how to update your denim collection here.

Photography: Azusa Takano