The struggle to get everything done as a working mom to an almost 7-month old is real! When I get dressed in the morning, I feel like I have less than five minutes to get ready before I’m picking up a crawling baby.  Likewise, I’m always looking for outfits that are easy to throw on that will also look polished.  White dresses like the one I’m wearing today never let me down. They’re my go-to dresses for spring–especially since they’re so versatile and easy to wear.  I’m rounding up six white spring dresses that you should know about today (all at different price points). I’m also sharing a mom and baby update below, as well as a quick curly hair routine. Enjoy!

The Outfit

I am loving this easy breezy white dress I scooped up at Zara. Sharing six others like it below that you should know about because they’re such fun spring staples to add to your wardrobe. I paired my dress with a vegan red leather jacket, white cat eye sunnies and nude heels.

I’m loving this transitional color combo for spring and the fact that the leather jacket adds a dash of edge to an otherwise minimalist girly look.

Mom and Baby Updates:

Since my last post (more here), I’ve celebrated a birthday, Naiya has been sleeping through most of the night and my 1.5 hour commute to and from work has become slightly less painful due to the power of podcasts.


Naiya has been gobbling up solids for a few weeks now. On top of fruits and veggies, we’ve added in proteins. If you’re a mom or someone who knows a lot about babies, you probably know that this addition of proteins seems to change your baby’s poop forever! I won’t get into that too much here but let’s just say it’s always a great smell in the morning!

Standing Up

Naiya has been pulling herself to stand up on her own for a few weeks now and she’s learned to fall down a lot more gracefully than before (usually).

Sleep Training

Sleep training has completely changed our lives and knock on wood, it’s been going so well. We give Naiya a bath around 7:00pm, get her ready for bed, I nurse her and she usually falls asleep in her crib between 7:30 and 8:00pm.  Her “lovie” is an elephant stuffed animal attached to a tiny blanket and that thing has become Naiya’s go-to for comfort.  I need to go out and by 20 of them in case anything ever happens to it!

Naiya usually wakes up in the middle of the night 1-3 times but she always puts herself right back to sleep on her own.  It’s pretty magical–especially since I held her at night for six months straight and looking back, it was pretty insane.

I still sleep with one eye open to make sure she’s breathing on her monitor and wonder if there will ever be a time where I don’t do that (but I’m pretty sure my neurotic mom self is here to stay). Regardless, Phil and I are so thankful nights have gotten better because we’ve started to feel much more like ourslelves.

The Curls:

This half-up curly hair-do has really been my go-to recently.  I’ve received a bunch of messages asking about my curls so sharing my (very unglamorous but hopefully helpful) morning hair routine here:

After changing and nursing Naiya, I’ve been jumping in the shower in the morning before work, hopping back out less than five minutes later.  Then I run some ouidad gel through my very wet hair (this stuff is liquid gold for me) and boom–I run out the door.  I scrunch my curls in the car and admittedly let them air dry out the car window. #Monlife.

At the last traffic light before the office (almost 1.5 hours later), my hair is almost dry.  I sweep up the top portion into a half-up high pony just before I park and voila–I’m good(ish) to go. My curls continue to expand throughout the day and by the time I go home, I look full poodle but I’ve learned to embrace it.

Ouidad gel really is a lifesaver because I don’t have to anything but make sure it’s evenly distributed throughout my hair.

Photography: Azusa Takano