Sharing one of my favorite basic weekend looks I’ve been wearing on repeat while running around town with Naiya. Not to sound completely cliche but now that I’m a mom, I rarely wear heels and these sneakers have become my go-to’s.  I feel like I’m constantly running a marathon chasing after Naiya and sneakers help me to run around so much quicker.  I love how they look when paired with this classic high-waisted denim skirt which I’ve previously worn here, here and here.

Today, I topped off the look with a simple black top, silk scarf and my favorite cat eye sunnies I’ve been wearing almost every day. I’m also eyeing them in pink, red and black because they add such a cute pop of color to any outfit.

Baby Style

Now that Naiya is officially 6-months old (more about that here), Phil and I have been going through all of her drawers to organize her seemingly ever-shrinking wardrobe.  She’s officially growing out of her 6-month clothing and we’ve moved onto 6-9 month outfits.  I remember looking at 6-9 month clothing back when Naiya was a newborn wondering how she’d ever fit into such “giant” onesies but here we are!

Thankfully, this adorable white onesie still fits Naiya beautifully so she’s been wearing it on repeat (also here). I’m loving the matching hat–especially since it’s been chilly in LA over the past couple of weeks.

A few other organic onesies and coveralls we’re loving right now include:  Kyte BabyLove’d Baby, Burt’s Bees and Kate Quinn.  All of these onesies are super soft and comfy so we’re stocking up big time.

Photography: Azusa Takano