I went full Cher from Clueless today in this all-pink ensemble with a beret on top (because ‘as if’). I’ve had a little beret obsession as of recently (more about that here) so naturally, I had to add this pink one to my collection in preparation for Valentine’s Day. I paired this beret with a light pink button-down dress and sparkly heels.  I layered a camel colored coat over it all with the prettiest vintage-inspired faux fur color.

Baby Update:

I had such a great weekend with Naiya and I’m sad it’s already over.  It’s hard not seeing her very much throughout the work week so I’m thankful we are able to savor Saturdays and Sundays together. I’m learning how to make the most of our weekends. Before I had Naiya, I would pack my weekends full of brunches, workout classes and everything in between. Now I live for our quiet time together. I make sure I savor our early morning nursing sessions when it feels like the rest of the world is still sleeping.  I’m also loving our weekend morning runs together where I put Naiya in our running stroller and hit the streets.

Naiya is seriously growing by the minute.  Her face has completely filled out, she has rubber band wrists and thighs and she’s so expressive!  She’s also sitting up by herself now and is even starting to crawl backwards.  We better start baby-proofing our house stat.  Every milestone with Naiya feels so special and watching her develop her own little personality is the cutest thing.

topshop pink beret

Photography: Azusa Takano