Sharing one of my favorite pairs of leggings with you today that brought me from pre-pregnancy through to pregnancy, postpartum and beyond (without having to buy a different size!).  I first started wearing K-Deer haute yoga pants years ago when they were a new brand that had the perfect shorts and pants for hot yoga.  I quickly became a fan and previously posted about them here and here.  Since then, the company has continued to grow and they’ve added tons of new styles I can’t get enough of.  I love these pants so much that you can often find me wearing them not only to workout in but also around the clock.  Excited to share how I wear K-Deer yoga pants three different ways today.

Yoga Uniform

Sharing my typical yoga uniform below: a blank tank, black sports bra and of course K-Deer leggings. Sharing a few moves I’ve been working on postpartum as well.

I worked out all nine months of my pregnancy but towards the end, it definitely wasn’t easy to get out there and pound the pavement (let alone find workout outfits that would actually fit over le bump!).  Once my doctor cleared me to start working out again after my c-section post-baby, I started running and doing yoga. It felt amazing to be able to move without a seven pound baby bouncing around in there and it also felt so good to have some ‘me’ time again.  That said, dressing my new mom bod wasn’t easy.

Thankfully, I was able to wear my K-Deer yoga pants from pre-pregnancy through to postpartum (the only pants that always fit).  Their high waistbands felt great on my growing belly and even over my c-section post-baby. The waistband stretched so beautifully that if there was one pair of pants I’d suggest moms and moms-to-be invest in, it would be leggings by K-Deer.  Post baby, I love that the waistband goes all the way up to my belly button and that it sucks me in so that I feel more comfortable.

If you’re in the market for a pair of these leggings, head on over to K-Deer and use the code RELISHARIELLE for 15% off your order until April 30th!

Fluffy Jacket + Booties

Now that I’m a mom, I have to squeeze in my workouts whenever I can get them.  This has been one of the hardest parts of my transition to motherhood for me so far because working out has always been such an important outlet for me physically and mentally.  I dream of the days when I could get up and workout whenever I wanted to!

During the work week, I now have to run when the sun is just coming up in order to get to work on time.  This is after nursing Naiya throughout the night so getting up bright and early is beyond challenging!  Then, I hop into the car to drive an hour and fifteen minutes to work in crazy LA traffic.  Needless to say, by Friday, I’m completely fried!

A lot of weekends, the key to making sure I get my workout in is that I’ll wake up in the morning and quickly throw on a pair of yoga pants in hopes that I’ll be able to break away to run or take a class. If I get dressed for the day, chances are I won’t feel as motivated.  Instead, I often throw on a comfy jacket or booties with my yoga pants so that I’m dressed and ready for the day but I can also workout on a whim if the opportunity presents itself.

You can often find me running around our neighborhood with Naiya and our running stroller (aka my postpartum lifesaver because it’s given me the freedom to get up and go—and Naiya loves it too).

Below is one of my go-to looks that I’ve been wearing before my workouts.  What can I say–I have a soft spot for anything fluffy and pink.

Blazer + Booties

Sharing the second look that I love wearing with my K-Deer yoga pants: a black blazer and booties (more affordable version here).  This is another example of an outfit I wear out around LA over my yoga uniform that’s perfect before or after working out.

Leather Jacket + Sneakers

Sharing the third look I love to style with my K-Deer yoga uniform.  Here, I paired comfy sneakers and a moto jacket with my K-Deer leggings. This is probably my most repeated look (especially on weekends) because it’s so versatile. The sneakers are perfect for mom-ing around town with Naiya and I love that the leather jacket adds some extra edge.


Photography: Azusa Takano