I blinked and Naiya is almost six months old. I’m truly not sure where the time went but I’m excited to share an update with you today.  I’ve been back at work for over a month now and it feels like our lives have become busier than ever. I started to find my new groove back at the office and it feels good to be diving into some exciting projects again.  That said, I can’t help but miss our little maternity leave bubble (more about that here).  The hardest part about being away from Naiya during the day is that I have total F.O.M.O.!  It’s hard to hear about all of the new things she’s learning to do while I’m away and sometimes when I come home from work at night, she looks a little bigger! That’s probably a crazy first time mom talking but I swear it’s true!

On The Move & Sleep Training

Over the past couple of weeks, Naiya has learned to sit up unassisted. She can roll over from tummy to back and back to tummy like a pro.  She can even pull herself up into a standing position–especially on the coffee table and in her crib (this girl is getting too strong for her own good but we’ll take it!). All of this new movement proves to be especially challenging in the middle of the night when Naiya tosses and turns, startling herself awake.

We’re dying to move her into her crib once and for all but with all of her previous G.I. problems and the fact that she was not eating from a bottle, we are only just beginning the sleep training process.  Last night was our first night trying sleep training out for more than an hour and we finally got Naiya to sleep after a couple hours of uncontrollable screaming.  It was so hard to make it through that time without picking her up and cuddling her like crazy but we kept telling ourselves it would be for the best.  I wonder what tomorrow night will bring and how long it will take to make this work.

Naiya is also now crawling backwards and she’s walking in a downward dog position in order to crawl forward.  She’s very mobile right now and so close to getting it right! I can tell Phil and I are right on the edge of having to chase her around the house so we better start baby-proofing stat! I didn’t realize it would happen so quickly!

Back To The Bottle

Naiya FINALLY started taking a bottle again–hallelujah! She stopped taking a bottle when she was around three months old and it’s been 2.5 months since she would take one again. It’s been such a challenge!  She’s still cluster feeding all night in order to get a ton of nursing in after I get home from work but I’m hoping that will get better soon (before I go completely crazy on account of sleep deprivation!).

I feel like I gained a new lease on life now that Naiya can be fed by Phil and anyone other than me.  That said, it’s also been hard to figure out how much to pump and when to pump because all of her erratic feeding has caused me to have overproduction again.  The nursing adventures never end but I’m so thankful that’s we’re in such a better place than I used to be (more about that here).


We recently introduced solids to Naiya.  So far, she’s loving the two solids we’ve given her so far: squash and sweet potatoes.  We’re excited to introduce new foods to her once we get the go-ahead from her pediatrician.  Looking forward to pureeing a bunch of fruits and veggies for her soon too.

Photography: Azusa Takano