Since having Naiya, I’ve been on a quest to do a full denim refresh on my closet. Throughout the last few months of my pregnancy, even maternity pants didn’t feel comfortable.  Instead, I wore flowy dresses on repeat (definitely to a fault) and I stared at my high-waisted jeans longingly, wondering on the daily if I’d ever be able to wear them again. Postpartum, I’ve become so excited to add pants back into my wardrobe and I’ve been loving all of the new cuts I can finally wear.  From cropped to wide legged and straight legged to raw hems, I’m rounding up some of my favorites today for your shopping pleasure.

Cropped Bootcut:

If you’re looking to refresh your denim collection, this is a great place to start. Truthfully, cropped denim often looks un-cropped on me because I’m 5’4 but regardless, I’m loving this throwback look. I recently scooped up a pair of cropped, high-waisted levis, a pair from Madewell and another from M.I.H. I’m loving all three. If you’re also on the petite side, you may have to crop your pants further.  Tailoring is key–especially for the M.I.H. pair which runs especially long–but these pants are really great. I love pairing these pants with everything from booties to sneakers.

Wide Legged:

I’m also loving wide legged jeans right now and they happen to look great on so many different body types. If you’re in the market for a look that will really flatter your waist and make you look taller (these pants cinch at the most narrow part of you!),  you’ll love this look. Check out these wide legged jeans I can’t get enough of here and here which I’m loving in white for winter. Pair them with a turtleneck (only $25!), layer on a moto jacket and you’re good to go!

Straight Legged:

Pre-Naiya, my closet was full of skinny jeans. While I’m still loving them, adding straight legged jeans into my wardrobe has added an instant refresh. Straight legged jeans do not taper in at the ankle and they have more of a vintage look to them–especially when they’re high-waisted. My favorite pair right now is by Raey.

They happen to look especially polished with loafers (more affordable version here) and blazers for work. Loving this pair of straight legged levis and this pair from Topshop with raw hems.

Raw Hems:

Speaking of raw hems, I’m a big fan of them right now too.  They add an instant refresh to any pair of pants.  I have some older jeans in my closet I was ready to get rid of but I recently gave them new life by opening up their hems with a seam ripper.  It was a fun D.I.Y. project that only took a few minutes and now I’m loving their revamped look (similar here and here). Loving this pair for only $36.99!