Since going back to work from maternity leave, I’ve been trying to come up with ways of getting out of the house quicker and more efficiently for work without looking completely disheveled. A couple of weeks in, I’m realizing it’s no easy feat! Aside from the sheer exhaustion I feel every morning after nursing the night away, I need to feed Naiya at least twice before running out the door in the AM. I also need to meal prep (sometimes with her in hand) since I’m still on a very strict elimination diet for her (no gluten, dairy, soy or nuts due to her allergies).  All in all, I’ve found that planning out a minimalist work “uniform” the night before work has been incredibly helpful. Sharing how you can nail one today too.

Minimalist Outfit Of The Day:

My work outfit of the day today consisted of: an oversized white blazer, cropped levis, mules (similar here and here) and a turtleneck. Throughout the week, I’ll switch this “uniform” look up–wearing different jeans, monotone shirts and boyfriend blazers. I like that the look is professional, classic and that I don’t have to spend too much time thinking about what I’m going to wear. Steve Jobs was onto something when he wore the same turtleneck to work every single day.  Gaining back even a few extra minutes in the mornings myself has proven to be everything!

Minimalist Uniform for Baby

I’ve been trying out a similar minimalist uniform with Naiya for the past few weeks.  I’ve been dressing her in monotone onesies that are super cute but also save us that little bit of extra time in the morning. I recently posted where to snag some adorable minimalist baby items here–many of which we have and love.

Speaking of Naiya, we can’t believe she’s turning five months old this week! Where did the time go (and when will she finally sleep through the night)? She’s becoming such a big baby! Phil and I are already dressing her in 9-12 month clothing in some brands. I can’t decide if she’s big for her age or if baby clothing sizes are a bit wonky. Either way, she’s growing extra chins and leg rolls and we couldn’t be happier!

zara mules with bowwhite boyfriend blazer and cropped denim

Photography: Azusa Takano