zara blue sweater

Happy December! How did this year fly by so quickly? Naiya turned three months old yesterday and it felt like such an accomplishment. Month three was the first month where Phil and I started to feel like ourselves again. The first couple months of Naiya’s life are still a total blur so finding any semblance of a routine this month has been beyond rewarding. Today, I’m excited to share how I’m wearing bright blue this winter as well as a baby update. Also, in pretty big news, I zipped up this pair of jeans for the first time since having Naiya so there’s that! High-waisted pants, I missed you!

Baby Update:

Naiya is now mostly sleeping through the night. We start getting her ready for bed around 9:30pm and she usually falls asleep around 10:30pm-11:30pm. We haven’t had much success putting her down any earlier than this but we look forward to pushing this time earlier and earlier in the next few weeks.  The best part is that Naiya is now often staying asleep until 6:00am or even 7:00am (with a very occasional feeding in the middle of the night) so we are getting somewhere! #Smallvictories.

zara blue sweater

Outfit Of The Day:

Outfit-wise, I’ve been wearing this chunky blue sweater (similar here) on repeat recently.  Naiya and I ended up extending our trip on the east coast after Thanksgiving and this sweater has definitely come in handy with the chilly New York temps! Phil headed back to LA already on our originally-scheduled flight and now I’ll be flying back with Naiya next week on my own.  Fingers crossed she does okay!  I’m definitely nervous (especially because we have a layover) but it’s been worth it to stick around and have Naiya spend more time with family. I’ve got my travel game-face on.

Today, I paired this blue chunky sweater with cropped cali-cut flares that I scooped up from Madewell. I’m loving the exposed hem and length on these pants.  They look great paired with booties for winter and they’re super comfy. The flared bottoms are also flattering on all different body types. I topped off the look by layering it with a leather jacket (similar here).