Since she was born, Naiya has always loved to be held.  This is great in that we’ve gotten a lot of extra cuddle time in but of course this also gets completely exhausting–especially now that she’s getting heavier!  Likewise, since she was a few weeks old, I’ve been experimenting with baby carriers that help me to go hands free with her (more in this recent post).  The tank I’m wearing today is one of the most user-friendly carriers I’ve tried so far. Excited to share the details below of this must-have tank new mamas need to know about.

Must-Have Baby Carrier Tank

The Lalabu soothe shirt is a comfy tank that comes in three different colors (grey, black and blue).  It has a little pouch attached up front for you to put your baby in.

All you do is put the tank on and from there, you slip your baby inside facing you. That’s it! The tank also contains a nursing bra and adjustable head-support panel for your baby. There’s also a Lalabu soothe shirt with a pouch for men (here)!

Outfit Of The Day:

I’m wearing my lalabu shirt today with a pair of yoga pants by K.Deer (similar here and here ) that I’ve also been wearing on repeat.  As much as I’ve loved starting to dress up more and more (now that I’m dipping back into my pre-maternity wardrobe!), I’ve been wearing outfits like this much more often because they’re so great for running around with Naiya.  As a new mom, feeling put together is still really important to me but my outfits have become so much more about practicality now than ever before.

Family Update:

After a couple of weeks on the east coast where Naiya and I have been spending time with her grandparents and great grandparents, we’re heading back to LA today. It will be my first flight flying solo with her (so nervous!) but here goes nothing!

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