When it comes to the holidays, I’m a self-proclaimed gift-buying procrastinator. I never mean to do this–it just happens. I wish I was one of those people who could start stocking up on gifts throughout the year but instead, December hits and I find myself having to go into overdrive to buy gifts for everyone quickly. Not to worry–to help out anyone else out who’s like me, I’m excited to share a last minute holiday gift guide for baby with you today. 

My list skews a bit female because I’m currently in baby girl mode but if you’re in the market for baby boy gifts, just click on any of the provided links and you’ll see most products in a bunch of different colors and patterns. Here goes:

Holiday Baby Gift Picks

I can’t get enough of these onesies by L’oved Baby right now. I traveled with a bunch of them cross-country recently and they were life-savers for us! I love that they’re unisex and come in so many different colors. While traveling, I loved that I didn’t have to change Naiya’s pants, socks and onesie a million times. I love that these onesies are a one-stop shop that will keep baby warm and cozy all day. 

I’m also loving baby moccasins right now in every color, leather braided pacifier clips (especially helpful because I’m trying to get Naiya to use a pacifier but she keeps spitting it out!), these adorable burp cloths that come in tons of different patterns and colors and baby bows (here and here–I can’t get enough!). I’m a big fan of baby bows right now–(as seen here and here).  Naiya looks so cute in them that I can’t help myself in wanting to stock up on a bunch of different types!

Patterned crib sheets are always a fun gift for baby too.  I love that they can completely transform your nursery and add a pop of color.

For MomIf you’re in the market for a diaper backpack, I can’t say enough great things about this vegan leather one by the Honest Company. It’s the perfect size, unisex (Phil doesn’t mind wearing it when he needs to!), it has a large bottle compartment and it has a bunch of other compartments for organization. If you’re trying to decide between a diaper bag or backpack, I’d say go backpack all the way and invest in this one! Backpacks help you to go hands-free with your baby and they feel so much better on your shoulders!