black turtleneck and palazzo pants with birds

The countdown to the end of 2017 is officially on! To celebrate, I’ve rounded up some amazing sales going on that you can’t miss! From Bloomingdales to Madewell and everything in between, if you’re a #girlboss who didn’t get something on your holiday wish list this past week, chances are it’s on sale now! If you can’t stop thinking about it, if the price is right and if it’s going to help you step into 2018 like ‘I’ve got this,’ I say go for it. 

Goodbye, 2017

2017 has been one of the best and most transformative years of my life.  Phil and I not only moved into our first home, we also had Naiya (more here) and became a family of three humans and one pup! I knew that becoming a mom would completely change my life but until I actually gave birth to Naiya, I never could have imagined just how much. She has taught me more about love, patience, compassion and how to survive without sleep than anyone who has come before her.  So many parents told me throughout my crazy pregnancy (more here) that becoming a parent was like wearing your heart outside your body.  In looking at Naiya, I realize just how true that is.

Wishing everyone a wonderful last weekend in 2017 and an amazing 2018 to come!

Best End of 2017 Sales

On-Sale Looks I’m Eyeing