Blogger RELish by Arielle sips green tea in her fave cardigan.
Sipping green tea in my new fave cardigan

This zip-up cardigan was the first thing I bought on my first hour-long shopping trip with a friend after having Naiya. I had been going through major shopping withdrawal (not to mention I’d been going completely stir-crazy stuck at home for so many weeks!) as I continued to heal from my c-section. We popped into Free People because it was the closest clothing store to my house and I so badly wanted to be able to shop but also get back to feed Naiya quickly. 

My friend spotted this super soft, comfy cardigan before I did and she was the first to fall in love. Of course when I saw it on her, I knew we both had to have it. Needless to say, we’ve been twinning ever since. I love the cardigan’s extra voluminous sleeves, it’s roomy fit, as well as the pretty red embroidery down the front.

Today, I paired the cardigan with my favorite loafers (that I’ve been wearing almost every day this fall–they truly go with everything), distressed black skinny jeans, round sunnies and a simple black tee

RELish by Arielle's cardigan is as on point as the ivy.Mommy blogger RELish by Arielle is comfy cozy in her oversized sleeves.RELish by Arielle takes her tea to go. Missing her little miss, RELish by Arielle the mommy blogger heads home. RELish by Arielle swipes right on this embroidered cardigan. RELish by Arielle chilling with her iced tea.