I’m excited to be teaming up with Paul Mitchell today to share a less than 10-minute sleek curls for curly hair tutorial, as well as a fun giveaway of some of my favorite products from their new fall Neuro line (enter to win here!). I have naturally curly hair and while I’ve grown to appreciate it more and more as I’ve gotten older, there are some days where I still love to switch it up for a sleeker look. My go-to place to get blow-outs is Dry Bar but whenever I don’t have time to swing by there, I straighten my hair myself at home (which is not the easiest task with this crazy mane!). 

After many years of trial and error, I’ve now got the whole straightening thing down to a science (and discovering helpful new products is always so exciting). The key is always adding bounce to my ends rather than leaving my hair stick straight because it looks and feels so much healthier. 

To get this look, I usually start by blowing my hair dry with a round brush and I usually don’t opt for hot tools because I’ve found they’ve damaged my hair so badly over the years. That said, I recently tried out a new curling iron from Paul Mitchell that I’m obsessed with. It’s especially great for naturally curly hair because it doesn’t fry off the ends and leaves your hair looking and feeling soft and healthy (but it’s great for all textures)! 

This curling iron, in conjunction with Paul Mitchell’s “Quick Slip” product leaves my hair feeling silky smooth and it also helps to create perfect sleek curls in less than 10-minutes that stay put all day. Sharing how to get the look below:

Step 1: After washing your hair with shampoo and extra conditioner, blow it dry with a hair dryer and round brush. I often add in leave-in conditioner and/or a heat protectant before I start drying.

Curly girls, make sure the temperature on your hair dryer is no higher than medium so that you don’t fry off your ends. This temperature is best for straight hair too but curly hair tends to be much more dry so we have to be especially careful.

Step 2: Add a quarter-sized amount of “Quick Slip” product into your already dry hair–making sure you mainly hit the ends of your hair instead of the roots. This will add moisture back into your hair before you use your hot tools and it will add extra protection to your ends as well. My hair can’t get enough of this stuff–whether it’s straight or curly! It’s light and dries right away too, which I love.

Step 3: Separate your hair into six sections–three on each side. This curling iron has a nice big barrel and I love that this allows you to curl bigger sections of your hair in less time. Curl just the ends of each respective section of your hair for about 15 seconds so that you don’t apply too much heat at once.

After 15 seconds, remove each individual curl from the barrel and hold it in your hand, keeping it in tact. This will help to distribute the heat, keep the cuticle healthy and it will also help to keep your ends in place. 

Step 4: For some extra hold, spray the ends of your hair with sugar confection. I’m loving this hairspray because it has an amazing hold but it’s also super flexible and adds volume. I also especially love that it doesn’t dry out my hair and instead, adds some nice lasting moisture. 

Step 5: Twist a small piece of your hair back on one side and add a bobby pin or two to keep it in place. I’ve also found that my hair doesn’t frizz up as much during the day if part of it is pulled back and styled. I love that this also creates a vintage vibe and it helps to polish off the look.

THE PRODUCTS: Paul Mitchell Neuro Collection | PHOTOGRAPHY: Azusa Takano