I can’t believe our due date is just one week away–and then at the same time, I can’t believe I’m still pregnant! This pregnancy has felt so long but the last month or so has dragged on slower than ever.  I guess that’s what happens when you’re waiting for one of the most exciting and nerve-racking moments of your life to come. 

Our doctor told us a few weeks back that she couldn’t see us going another couple of weeks before going into labor so Phil and I went into first-time crazy parent mode and started to gear up for an early birth just in case. We ran around prepping the nursery, buying more diapers than I’ve ever seen, getting our new house in order in record time, strapping the car seats into our cars, dotting our I’s and crossing our T’s–and yet this baby has not yet shown any real signs that she’s ready to come out. 

At this point, I’m pretty uncomfortable physically and I have a newfound appreciation for every pregnant woman who has come before me. Sleeping is the hardest now because I have to pee so many times a night that it’s almost comical.  I also can’t wait to have the option to sleep on my stomach or back once this baby is out!  I try to sleep on my left side so that I don’t feel as nauseous (a great tip I learned from my doctor early on) but I can only stay on my left side for so long now before having to flop over like a giant whale multiple times each night to my right side–pregnancy pillow in tow.  I make quite the scene and can’t believe Phil stays asleep through it all. Of course, at the end of the day, I’m also so grateful and excited that we have gotten to this point and I look forward to being able to say this was all worth it really soon.

In order to calm my pre-labor nerves, I’ve been lighting a lot of candles and using essential oils like lavender, wild camomile and clary sage while we wait for Baby G’s arrival. I recently teamed up with one of my favorite candle brands, Capri Blue and our collaboration could not come at a better time. Their candles not only smell amazing but what I love just as much is how they look around our new house; they’re truly the perfect statement pieces. Capri Blue candles are graphic, energetic, bold and they make such a great statement on our new coffee table, kitchen table and outside when we’ve had our friends over for dinner. I’m loving this candle in citrus watercolor this classic blue candle in tropical fruits and sugared citrus and this beautiful gold candle in exotic blossom and basil. 

Outfit-wise, since I’m now officially on maternity leave, I’ve been wearing a few comfy dresses and uber-stretchy workout clothes on repeat. I’m dreaming of the day I will get to open up my closet and wear the 99% of my wardrobe again that used to fit (if that will ever happen again?! Fingers crossed!). Thankfully, this dress by Baciano has quickly become one of my favorite pieces in my closet–especially throughout the last few weeks of pregnancy. I’m thinking it will be a great dress for postpartum too.

It’s been super hot in LA (especially now that we’ve moved to the valley!) and I love how light it is even though it has long sleeves. I also love that it’s so roomy, it is pretty flattering over the giant bump–especially from the front. Today, I paired this dress with one of my favorite pairs of silver heels for some extra sparkle. I look forward to pairing it with booties this fall for a more casual look too. I topped off the look with my favorite affordable summer bag I scooped up at Cost Plus (similar here) and pink sunnies for a pop of color.

THE LOOK: Capri Blue Candles / Heels / Baciano Dress / Cost Plus Bag (Similar Here)Sunnies | PHOTOGRAPHY: Azusa Takano