I didn’t have much of a bump until I was about 8-months preggo. For a long time, it looked like I had eaten too many burritos and I felt completely uncomfortable. And then, a few weeks ago, I woke up one morning and noticed my bump had seemingly popped out overnight. It was such a weird feeling but the best part about it was that I also noticed around this time that I feel our baby moving so much more. 

These photos were taken a couple of weeks ago when I was 9-months preggo.  I can’t believe I felt comfortable enough to do this on account of me now feeling like a whale but I’m thankful to have created a unique memento of this time that I’ll be able to look back on and share with our daughter. 

I had so much fun teaming up with the Awestruck digital network and the talented Julie Hasett, an LA-based body painter who specializes in pregnancy belly art. She painted two different designs on my belly–a beach scene and a floral one. Check out the process from start to finish in our first video here! The experience was so relaxing and special and Julie is such a talented artist. Our baby was moving around the whole time and it was crazy to see her kicking Julie’s paint brush throughout the process.

Phil and I are at the point in our pregnancy where we’re seeing our OB once a week now–and we’ll soon be seeing her twice a week. Our baby has officially dropped and she’s in birth position. Even though her due date isn’t officially for two-and-a-half weeks, every day feels like a waiting game because our doctor said the baby is full-term now and can truly come any day now. Our hospital bag is packed (though I keep adding to it by the minute), our car seats are in place and even though we’re half terrified and half excited at the same time, we’re as ready as we’ll ever be! 

PHOTOGRAPHY: Katrina Jayne / BELLY ART: Julie Hasett