I’m going on 31 weeks pregnant this week and my body officially feels like it has hit a wall. Every morning, I wake up ready to take on the world and by lunchtime (if not sooner!), I feel like I could crawl into bed for the night (and I totally would if I could!). As someone who’s used to packing my days to the max, this pure and utter exhaustion is such a foreign concept to me and all I want to is give in.  The problem is there is so much to do before our baby comes and I don’t feel like I have a minute to waste (at least for now!).

Phil and I officially signed the paperwork for our new townhouse yesterday (ahhh!), we’re picking up our keys this Thursday and we’ll be sleeping in our new home by this coming Monday night. We spent almost the entire weekend packing up our current apartment–and by we, I mean Phil, with me moving very very slowly. I’m thankful to have married a packing and organizational extraordinaire–especially at a time like this. He literally watched packing hack videos for the occasion and implemented his favorite techniques. Once we’re in our new house, we can finally start prepping for baby and I can’t wait to check moving off of our giant to-do list. 

Outfit-wise, I can’t get enough of this oversized dress. I scooped it up at Zara a couple weeks back and I wish it came in multiple colors because it fits so perfectly over the bump. I also love that it’s so easy to throw on. It’s been one of my go-to dresses for work with heels and also with flats on the weekend. Today, I also paired it with a light denim jacket.

THE LOOK: Sandals / Zara Dress (Similar Here)Denim Jacket / Sunnies / PHOTOGRAPHY: Azusa Takano