No one ever said growing a baby was easy.  In fact, for many preggos out there including myself, it’s downright exhausting! That said, despite the constant fatigue, having to give up sushi, caffeine, un-pasterized juices (some of my favorite things!) and  insane morning sickness, pregnancy does come with some excellent perks in the beauty department. 

I’ve noticed that my hair is much more voluminous than ever before and it’s been growing like crazy. My nails are growing just as fast and are stronger than ever before. Also, while I’m not sure I have that “pregnancy glow” we all hear about, I’m thankful to have had great luck with my skin throughout my pregnancy. Breakouts have been extremely rare and I’ve been enjoying going makeup free almost every day.

Excited to share a great skincare brand I’ve been trying out recently that ‘s really been helping too. I am loving it and look forward to using it post pregnancy for an extra glow too. 


Liv-Skin is a cruelty-free brand that’s also paraben-free. It’s a three-step treatment that contains hyaluronic acid, collagen, retinol, plant stem cell, amino acids, seaweed extract, algae extract, green tea extract, aloe vera, antioxidant properties, vitamin A, vitamin C, & vitamin E. It can be applied both in the morning at night and it tones, firms, and tightens your face, eyes, and neck.

I’ve been testing it out over the past couple of weeks (coupled with my normal routine of using cetaphil and cerave products that I’ve used for years) and I love how soft my skin feels. I’m not wearing any makeup in these photos except a small coat of mascara and that’s pretty much all I’ve been wearing everyday for months.

In addition to Liv-Skin, I lather sunscreen on my face every morning and never wear foundation or powder. I really do believe this has a big affect on adding a healthy glow to my skin. I’ve heard that my skin will change again after pregnancy and that my hair will also thin back out but for now, I’m enjoying every minute of these extra perks. After our baby comes, I look forward to continuing to take care of my skin and figuring out new ways to keep it glowing.

PRODUCT: 3-Step Liv–Skin Kit  / PHOTOGRAPHY: Azusa Takano