After another couple weeks of traveling on the east coast, I have finally landed back in LA! This trip was bittersweet because it was my last big production trip before baby. I’m just about to enter my third trimester (time is flying!) and even though it’s going to be hard for me, I’m going to try to slow everything down at least a bit. 

Throughout my entire pregnancy so far, I’ve been running around working like crazy. This has been a helpful distraction for me–especially since I am still so nauseous.  Most recently, though, I’ve noticed my body getting more and more tired. I’m more out of breath doing even simple tasks than I’ve ever been before and my bump is definitely growing by the day.

I kicked off my trip to the east coast a couple weeks ago with a wedding for a close family friend in Washington D.C. It was so beautiful and I loved seeing family and friends over the weekend. We were also able to do a gender reveal for our immediate families since both of them were in D.C. too.  We can’t wait to share the news with you later this week too. Stay tuned!

From D.C., I flew to Bangor, Maine to produce the second season of a series for work called Jenni and Roger: Domesticated. It’s a comedic docuseries following Jenni (JWOWW) from the Jersey Shore, her hilarious hubby, Roger and two little kids, Milani and Greyson. I adore working with this family–they have the best energy. Jenni warned me that in flying out to northern Maine, we would be in the middle of nowhere with barely any wifi but I didn’t realize just how off-the-grid we would be until we landed. There was something so peaceful about the simplicity of life up there for sure but I also felt the stress right away of not being able to google the nearest places to eat (which were an hour away) or even directions back to our hotel. All of that said, we got some amazing footage and I can’t wait to jump into the edit bay tomorrow to start stringing it together.

Next, we made our way to New York City to prep for the last day of our shoot which was located in New Jersey. Thankfully, this shoot day went great too and I finally packed to fly back home to LA this evening. Landing in LA, it hit me just how nervous and excited I am for the next chapter of our lives. It feels like there’s so much to do before our due date in August! For one, we are in escrow on our first home and if all goes as planned, we will be moving at the end of June when I am 8 months preggo!  

On top of this big move, I haven’t found the time to take any mom-to-be classes yet and I feel really guilty about it. When we were in D.C., people were asking Phil and I tons of questions like: have we thought about childcare, how long do I want to breastfeed, who do we want to stay with us to help after baby, etc. Truth-be-told, my head started spinning. I can barely get through the craziness of a normal work day right now, and wrapping my head around any of the above feels nearly impossible right now.

Hopefully we will get our our plans together in the next couple of months so we’ll feel more comfortable and have more answers to share. Until then, baby steps and I’m sure we will get there!

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