Phil and I are beyond excited to finally share some news we’ve been dying to tell you for a long time: we’re pregnant! We are expecting our first baby August 24th and could not be more thrilled to finally break the news!  As I write this, Phil and I are currently seated in the most picturesque hotel room in Maui overlooking the ocean and I am exactly 22-weeks pregnant today. We’ve been celebrating our baby moon this week, as well as our second wedding anniversary (also today!) and we feel so incredibly lucky to be here. This pregnancy has not been an easy one so far and the fact that we are able to take the time to celebrate here in paradise is all the more special.

I never knew before hopping on the pregnancy train just how hard it can be. As far as I knew, women all around me were popping out babies like clockwork relatively easily. Certainly, some had more struggles than others (and the thought of labor has always been one of my greatest fears) but most of the older women around me never really opened up about any crazy pregnancy issues. Maybe they were lucky and did not experience any or maybe they were staying quiet and keeping their experiences to themselves. While I’ve learned a ton about pregnancy and birth over the past year-and-a-half through working at a millennial mom’s digital network (how fitting!), it’s only recently that my eyes have really opened to this whole pregnancy world and how incredibly challenging it can be.

Phil and I did not have the easiest time getting pregnant. This baby is a rainbow baby so it’s been hard for me to open up about our pregnancy until now because I kept wanting to make sure that everything was going smoothly enough to share. Early on in our pregnancy, we also had a bit of a scare with our genetic testing. While I’m incredibly thankful for all of the in-depth medical tests available to parents-to-be this day-in-age, I learned first-hand that it’s also sometimes scary to potentially learn too much and find that your head is spinning with ‘what ifs’ for weeks or months at a time.  I’m sure I’ll share more info regarding this story in a later post but the wonderful news for today is that according to our latest ultrasounds and test results, our baby is looking perfectly healthy! For now, we are breathing a huge sigh of relief and could not be more grateful.

If the above stress was not enough, for the past 5.5 months, I have also had 24-hour morning sickness that has barely subsided. I always thought morning sickness happened a few times at the beginning of pregnancy to some women. I thought that like in the movies, these women would get sick in the morning but then be okay for the rest of the day.  I never knew that in actuality, morning sickness can be entirely debilitating. Since the beginning of my pregnancy, I’ve been on two different prescription medications in order to try to keep my nausea and vomiting under control but it has never fully taken effect long enough to get me through the entire day–let alone most of it. Throughout all of this, I have been working full-time, traveling and have been trying to stay as positive and stress-free as possible. Needless to say, it hasn’t been easy! 

I know that none of the above sounds like much fun to any of you out there who are dreaming of pregnancy and having a baby now or in the future but I feel it’s important to share our story in case it helps anyone else going through something similar feel a little less alone.

While my pregnancy has not been easy, there is not a day that has gone by in which Phil and I are not over the moon with how blessed we are to have gotten this far. Pregnancy is such a beautiful thing and while I sometimes am still in denial that I am actually growing a person, I am greatly enjoying this time. Here’s to being more than halfway through our pregnancy, to more blogs about our journey and to baby Galanty coming this summer!