Phil and I are back in LA after our incredible baby moon in Maui and it already feels like it was all a dream. We’re so thankful for our time away where we were able to take a breath, recharge and enjoy as many beaches (and infinity pools!) as possible. Best yet was sharing our baby news with everyone while we were away and we cannot thank you all enough for your kind words. We can’t believe I’ll be six months pregnant next week (on Thursday to be exact–not that anyone is counting!) and we can’t believe how quickly time is flying when there is so much more left to do before baby comes! 

I’m definitely noticing the baby moving now.  The movements are strongest at night when I’m laying in bed trying to relax and fall asleep. I find these movements really calming and humbling because they remind me that this this pregnancy is real and something so much bigger than me.  As I shared in my last blog post post, this pregnancy has not been the easiest so far so every kick feels special and rewarding. I started feeling movement around 19 weeks where I experienced the initial feeling of “flutters” from the baby but as the weeks continued, these turned to strong enough kicks where Phil can actually feel them now too. 

These photos were taken before Phil and I left for Hawaii where I wasn’t really showing yet and I had the tiniest bump that probably only I could see. That said, I think this week is the first week I’m really noticing big changes and I look forward to sharing future outfit posts that will be more up-to-date with how big this bump continues to get.

Outfit-wise, up until I announced my pregnancy last week, I was wearing baggier clothing than usual. While I didn’t have much of a bump, I kept thinking it would show up any minute and I wanted to be prepared. I scored this gingham shirt at Zara and loved that it’s super long when it’s not tucked in, that it’s oversized and most importantly, comfy. 

Speaking of comfy (or better yet, un-comfy), I think this was my last day for a very long time wearing this black suede skirt.  I look forward to hopefully squeezing back into it post-baby someday but for now, anything high-waisted like this is earning a big-time backseat in my closet because it’s been out-bumped. R.I.P. for a while, high-waisted everything. I will miss you big-time.

That said, I have yet to purchase any maternity clothing. Instead, I’ve been wearing my normal wardrobe and sizing up in anything new just in case so that it will last longer into my pregnancy. I’ve been shopping mainly at Zara because it’s so affordable, chic and I’ve been able to find a lot of outfits that feel roomy enough to fit my growing bump. I’m simultaneously on a quest for maternity clothing that is actually cute and affordable but this is surprisingly not too easy to find. If anyone has any recommendations, please feel free to message me! Looking forward to sharing any maternity pieces I do find in the near future that I love as well to help out any other preggos. 

THE LOOK: Suede Skirt (Similar Here) / Gingham Button-Down (Similar Here), (Here) and (Here) / Sandals (Similar Here) (Here) and (Here) / Pink Sunnies / PHOTOGRAPHY: Azusa Takano