I’ve been on the east coast for the past week shooting a series for work. I haven’t had the opportunity to film in Manhattan since before I moved out to Los Angeles ten years ago and it’s been such an amazing experience to be back. There’s something about New York that has always made me come alive in a very different way than Los Angeles. The two cities are really apples and oranges even though the entertainment industry exists in both and of course one of the major differences is weather!

Our team has been running around the city, shooting as much as possible even though the temperature outside has not been cooperating. Our first day of shooting, it was a brisk 28-degrees outside with a lot of wind and I had completely forgotten what that type of cold feels like (until, of course, it was too late!). Hand warmers soon became my best friend and I realized that I should have invested in a nice pair of warm boots. Thankful for all of the amazing footage we captured, though and I can’t wait to share more about the series soon. 

I wore this floral dress the day before I left for New York back in Los Angeles and I can’t wait to wear it again when I’m back. A friend of mine gave it to me as a birthday gift and I love its high neckline and a-line cut (similar here), (here) and (here) . The floral print is so fun and on-trend for spring but the dress is also a perfect transitional piece from winter if you add a blazer (similar here) or jean jacket over it like I did. I loved wearing it to the office with nude heels and on the weekend with flats.

En route soon to shoot another show in New Jersey but thankfully, this one will be in-doors and I’m totally prepared outfit-wise for that!

THE LOOK: Floral Dress (Similar Here), (Here) and (Here) / Heels / Zara Blazer (Similar Here), Sunnies / PHOTOGRAPHY: Azusa Takano