Phil and I just landed back in LA after a wonderful trip to Portland, Oregon. It’s always great to get out of this crazy busy city to gain new perspective and to explore.  We celebrated his 35th birthday there and were lucky enough to stay with a good friend who knew the ins and outs of where to go and what to see.

The best part of Portland was that we got to experience a totally different season for the weekend. In LA, it’s been over 90 degrees for the past couple of weeks and in Portland, we were excited to take in crisp fall air and layer up in warm coats. Growing up in New York state, the fact that I now celebrate colder weather means I’ve probably been in Los Angeles too long but there’s just something about actual seasons that I miss so much.  It also rained for most of our trip, which at one time probably would have driven me crazy but since we’ve been in LA for so long, the rain was cozy and relaxing–especially against the colorful foliage all around us.

My favorite stop in Portland was triple falls, a beautiful hike Phil and I were able to take together on his birthday. The hike took a couple of hours and we were immersed in the most beautiful and lush greenery I’ve seen since our recent trip to Iceland.  The hike led us to the most beautiful and peaceful waterfall and we loved that we were pretty much the only people on the trail so we got to take it all in with just the two of us. 

These photos were taken just before our trip to Portland but I look forward to sharing more about our Oregon adventures soon. I scooped this striped shirt up from Madewell and I actually bought it in a few different solid colors as well because it’s so comfy for fall. I brought it along with me for our trip because it was such a great basic layering piece.

I paired this shirt with black skinny jeans, black lace-up sandals, cat eye sunnies and an Italian leather handbag I scooped up from a new company I’ve had my eye on–Selleria Veneta. This company was inspired by two friends with a passion for fashion, high quality craftsmanship and unique style.  

Selleria Veneta sends representatives to Italy to discover the best leather craftsman and designers–many of whom have been designing handbags for generations. From there, Selleria Veneta curates their favorites together for customers to buy. Each bag is made of soft, luxurious Italian leather that you can usually only find abroad or with huge designer price tags here in the US.

I’m a big fan of handcrafted leather–especially since a trip Phil and I took to Italy a few years ago where I was able to see how designer bags are made by hand.  He literally had to peel me away from the Italian leather markets all over the place that I fell in love with (the smell of leather there was incredible and I wanted to buy every handbag in sight).  Since I’m still dreaming in Italian leather, I’m thankful to companies like Selleria Veneta for making these beautiful handbags readily available here in the US. 

stripes_14stripes_2stripes_5stripes_7fall stripesstripes_18stripes_4 stripes_11selleria venetastripes_6 stripes_15zara black shoes with pom poms stripes_13THE LOOK: Sunnies (On Sale!) / Black Jeans / Striped Shirt / Handbag (Currently On Sale!)