Day eight of our Iceland road trip was one of our favorites. In the morning, we ate breakfast at a cute little cafe in the northern city of Akureyri and then we drove just 20 minutes or so out of town to the cutest little traditional Icelandic cottages built right into a hill. They were painted with red trim and were built alongside a beautiful old church.FullSizeRender-32IMG_0877  grass covered houses in IcelandIcelandic Yellow House

From there, we drove to another set of traditional Icelandic cottages built right into a hill–but these ones were yellow. We were killing time before riding horses in Varmahio along the Black River. Truthfully, I could have stared at these cottages forever.  
Iceland Road Triphorseback riding tour in Icelandhorseback riding in IcelandIcelandic horses
When it was finally time for horseback riding, we couldn’t have been more excited.  Icelandic horses are different from western horses. They’re shorter, wider and they’re much furrier. In the winter, they grow extra fur to keep warm but in the summer, they star to lose that fur.  We saw the Icelandic horses just as they were losing their hair and they were absolutely beautiful. This horseback ride was one of the highlights of our trip and it’s great for people of all ages and skill levels.
 Iceland bed and breakfast Mork HomestayFullSizeRender-38 Iceland bed and breakfast Mork Homestay
At night, we stayed at an adorable bed and breakfast at Mork Homestay. We can’t recommend these accommodations enough! A principal of a local school runs this cute little space which is across the street from his house. He lives on a farm that has been passed down to him from previous generations.  He serves a beautiful breakfast in the morning and allows you to take walks through pristine farms, out to the ocean.  It wasn’t too far from the place we rode horses and it was one step closer to Reykjavik, where we’d be heading back to the following day. Our trip went so quickly and we couldn’t believe we had made it almost around the entire country by day eight.